Iggy Azalea Pays Homage To Movies In Her Videos — But She Isn’t The First! 12 Music Videos Inspired By Cinematic Classics!

iggy azalea clueless fancy music video inspired movie

It’s very apparent that Iggy Azalea gets most the inspiration for her music videos from cinema classics!

You probably should’ve picked up on that clue after seeing Fancy, Change Your Life, and more recently, Black Widow!

However, she isn’t the only music artist whose lightbulb goes off after watching a movie! A number of her industry peers have done it before too!

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense with the song, but hey, it’s entertaining, right??

Ch-ch-check out some of the best movie-inspired music videos (below)!

Thriller wasn’t just inspired by one music video, it was inspired by TWO! Michael Jackson‘s movie-like music video pulled ideas from Night of the Living Dead and West Side Story.

Lil Wayne‘s 6 Foot 7 Foot music video is based off of Inception! Can you spot all of the similar scenes??

Yaass! Audrey Hepburn‘s film, Funny Face totally inspired the Countdown music video! Doesn’t Beyonc├â┬⌐ just radiate of the iconic movie star?!

Never, EVER mess with Iggy and Rita Ora! The Australian rap queen’s latest music video screams of Kill Bill! Minus all the blood and Quentin Tarantino

She’s so Fancy just like Cher! Iggy’s Fancy video practically screams Clueless! Just look at those outfits!

Showgirls, anyone? That’s basically what I-G-G-Y’s Change Your Life video is all about!

Brian McKnight‘s Back At One recreates the cornfield and plane crash scene from the film, Fearless.

Kanye West‘s Love Lockdown music video followed the cinematic masterpiece, American Psycho. There are some eery resemblances between Patrick Bateman’s apartment in the film and the opening and apartment scenes of Kanyeezy’s music video.

Lil Wayne is back again with No Worries! Doesn’t it remind you of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas??

Busta RhymesPut Your Hands Where I Can See takes a page out of Coming To America‘s script! The beginning of this music video and tribal dance sequences are vaguely familiar, right?

Goodfellas erm…or ladies? Ashanti‘s Foolish pays homage to some of the issues in the film.

Um, how Grease-tastic is this one?! Ja Rule and Ashanti are totally like Danny and Sandy during the carnival scene! LOLz!

Aug 14, 2014 12:10pm PDT