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College Student Disappears From Party & Is Dropped Off Dead At Hospital The Next Day

ciaya jordan whetstone : college studen disappears from party in uber, dropped off dead to hospital the next day

Such an upsetting story…

Ciaya Jordan Whetstone, a college student at the University of New Orleans, was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital after leaving a party in an Uber the night before. She was just 21 years old.

Ciaya had been enjoying Carnival events with friends on Friday when she decided to call herself a car and return to her apartment. Her roommate Reese White told NOLA (via The Sun) that Ciaya came back to the apartment to check on her dog, but then left with the same Uber driver around 1:30 AM. Reese “tried to convince her not to go,” but Ciaya, who “appeared intoxicated,” claimed that the driver was a friend and that they were going to “find her car.”

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Another friend, Roberto Torres, called Ciaya around this time, and allegedly overheard the driver ask her “Do you like to party?” Ciaya reportedly promised to call Roberto back, but never did; she also never responded when he repeatedly tried to call her. None of her other friends heard from her again.

But she wasn’t missing for long.

According to WYFF 4, New Orleans OD released a statement confirming that Ciaya was dropped off in a private vehicle at a local hospital just before 7 a.m. The situation has so far been labeled an “unclassified death incident,” and an investigation is underway. According to The Sun, law enforcement is still unclear as to who delivered her body to the hospital.

Representatives for Uber communicated to the outlet that the driver who picked up Ciaya the night before has had their access to the platform revoked, although they did not release the individual’s name. The company said in a statement:

“Our thoughts are with Ciaya Whetstone’s family as they grieve the loss of their daughter. We stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.”

Mourning the loss of of the student, friend Julia Booker told NOLA:

“She was the most uplifting and loving and hopeful person that I’ve met. She’s never talked bad about anybody.”

Ciaya’s stepfather Chris Ferrand told the outlet that the family is “still in such a shock,” adding that they have “a tough few days ahead of us.”

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Coworker Dawn Gegenheimer posted a memorial for Ciaya on Facebook, writing:

“My beautiful friend is dead, because she got in an Uber last night. … It’s Mardi Gras in NOLA; Protect your daughters no matter how old they are.”

This is so sad, and so scary. Our hearts go out to Ciaya’s loved ones during this difficult time. And a reminder to all to stay safe out there!

[Image via Ciaya Jordan Whetstone/Instagram]

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