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New Miss USA Announced After Noelia Voigt’s Shock Resignation -- And Fans Aren’t Here For It!

New Miss USA Announced After Noelia Voigt’s Shock Resignation – And Fans Aren’t Here For It!

A new Miss USA 2023 has officially been announced! But in the middle of one of the pageant’s biggest controversies… No one is really on board.

Just days after Noelia Voigt resigned from the position to protect her mental health, the Miss USA Organization announced that her first runner-up Savannah Gankiewicz, formally Miss Hawaii, will be taking the crown. In a statement posted on Thursday, they shared:

“The Miss USA Organization is thrilled to announce that Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz is Miss USA 2023. She will be crowned in her native state of Hawaii in a celebratory coronation on Wednesday, May 15.”

Wow! That was quick!

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The model graciously accepted the title, saying:

“I fully support and respect Noelia’s decision to step down, and I stand in solidarity with mental health awareness. I accept the crown knowing that I have been uplifted by my supporters, family, friends, and the people of Hawaii throughout this journey. I accept this title on their behalf.”

She also gave a shout-out to her other contestants — and TBH, it seems a little shady! She said:

“To my fellow Miss USA sisters, I believe it’s crucial for us to stand united for the future of the organization and the incoming class of 2024 and beyond. I pledge my wholehearted support to the new delegates who have dedicated themselves to their state pageants, and I am committed to ensuring a seamless and memorable transition between Miss USA titleholders.”

Both Noelia and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava just resigned seeming as a stance AGAINST the alleged toxic practices of the org. But now Savannah wants people to protect the company?? No wonder she was picked as the successor. Oof!

Over on her own Instagram, though, Savannah had a LOT more to say and tried to get ahead of the controversy. The entrepreneur posted a lengthy statement on her page, writing:

“Please know that my decision to accept the Miss USA crown was not one that was made lightly. I stand with Noelia and admire her strength to step down and prioritize her mental health. Noelia, it was an honor of a lifetime to share the stage with you during your crowning moment and I wish you all the best in your next chapter.”

She went on to say that she hopes she makes her state, family, and friends “all proud,” pointing out:

“With the little time I have as Miss USA, it is my intention to bring attention and focus on the rebuilding of Lahaina on my island of Maui. I also look forward to helping the 2024 delegates transition into a new era of Miss USA and supporting them on their journeys toward the crown. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and kindness as I embark on this new journey. Your uplifting comments and messages have ensured me that accepting the title is the right thing to do and I am so thrilled to be your new Miss USA.”

As you can imagine, fans have VERY mixed feelings about this news, with the majority bashing the new titleholder for accepting the honor, arguing:

“Nah this isn’t it.”

“This is really disappointing. Good luck doing anything with this organization. You’ll see exactly why Noelia stepped down in a matter of days.”

“Wow. Such a tone deaf & disappointing decision on your end.”

But others clapped back:

“Unpopular opinion, but I don’t think someone should give up their dreams and hard work in the name of ‘sisterhood.’ I also think someone can equally support someone’s mental health while also pursuing their dreams and their own goals in life.”

“Bashing the new Miss USA achieves nothing. If Savannah declines the title, another girl simply takes her place.”

We kinda feel like this is the logic of scabs during a strike. Hmm.

It’s obviously a very tricky time to step into this role. We certainly hope she doesn’t face any of the harassment and bullying the other girls allege. Good luck to her.

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[Image via Savannah Gankiewicz/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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