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Nicki Minaj Is Shading Jessie J Over The Conception Of Their Bang Bang Collaboration: 'Chiiille'

Nicki Minaj Shades Jessie J Over Their Bang Bang Collaboration

Is Jessie J rewriting history? That’s what Nicki Minaj seems to think!

While speaking to Glamour on Thursday, the English singer-songwriter detailed how the musicians decided to collaborate on their 2014 hit Bang Bang, which also featured Ariana Grande. But according to the rapper, Jessie lied about how Nicki got attached to the project — and now she’s getting called out for it!

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While talking to the magazine, the 33-year-old explained:

Max Martin wrote Bang Bang, and Ariana had been played it, I’d been played it, and we both loved it. We just said, ‘Why don’t we both do it?’ So Ariana stayed on the second verse, I recorded the first verse, and then Nicki was played it in the studio and was like, ‘I’ve got to jump on this.’ We didn’t go to her and ask; she wanted to do it.”

It sounds like that collaboration was a dream come true for the rising star, who recalled:

“I’ll never forget: I was in my bedroom in my flat in London, and I got sent the version with Nicki on it. I just sat at the end of my bed holding my phone, staring at the floor, going, ‘How the f**k did I land this?’ I literally felt like I’d won a competition.”

But apparently that’s now how the collab got started AT ALL. Whether or not Jessie knows it — though it’s pretty obvious she does, according to Barbz — the Queen of Rap was actually paid to be on the single! Yup, Nicki had a steep price tag and was not afraid to flaunt it!

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Taking to Twitter to slam the pop star, the momma called out the Flashlight vocalist, arguing:

“Babe @JessieJ I didn’t hear the song & ask 2get on it. The label asked me2get on it & paid me. How would I have heard the song? chiiille what am I the damn song monitor? Snoopin around for songs chile? This was said by another artist recently as well. Yallgotta stop  LoveU .”

Even followers agreed with Nicki’s side of the story, one recalling a time when Jessie appeared on a radio show and supposedly shared that the label had asked the Trinidadian performer to hop on the song. Hmmm… So has Jessie just totally forgotten? Or was she just trying to make herself look better?!

Despite calling out the London-born artist, 38-year-old Minaj ended things on a sweet note — by sharing the one song she would have lent her vocals to for dirt cheap! Recalling Jessie’s 2011 song Do It Like a Dude, which was written and produced by Nicki’s friend Parker Ighile, the hip-hop artist added:

“Chi but the worst part about this is no1EVER asked me2get on ‘like a dude’ & I have been obsessed w|that song since the min I heard it. I was doing promo in the UK & heard it on the radio. My artist Parker co wrote it. I would’ve gotten on that 1 for some pickle juice .”


At least she’s a fan of some of Jessie J’s songs! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Think it was petty for Nicki to correct the story? Any hard feelings there? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jessie J/YouTube]

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