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Still No Sign Of Missing Titanic Tourist Sub -- Experts Say It May Have Imploded!

Still No Sign Of Missing Titanic Tourist Sub -- Experts Say It May Have Imploded!

The clock is ticking, and there’s still been no sign of the missing tourist submarine that went down to explore the Titanic…

As you know, the OceanGate sub went down on Sunday morning for an excursion to the famous wreckage. The home base of the submersible usually keeps in touch with the sub via Elon Musk‘s Starlink satellites, but they lost contact with the crew early in the morning on Father’s Day — and haven’t heard from them since.

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As of midday Tuesday, Captain Jamie Frederick of the First Coast Guard District in Boston says the five confirmed passengers on the sub known as Titan have only about 40 hours of oxygen remaining — that is, if Titan didn’t meet a worse fate. Journalist David Pogue rode in the sub last year and said the two main forms of communication: safety pings and text messages. Both of these stopped about an hour and forty-five minutes into this excursion, and he told CBC there are two possible outcomes:

“There are only two things that could mean. Either they lost all power or the ship developed a hull breach and it imploded instantly. Both of those are devastatingly hopeless.”

So, so awful…

The sub reportedly had seven backup plans, all of which were supposed to bring it back to the surface in the event of an emergency — even if everyone aboard was unconscious. The fact that none of the aircrafts or search and rescue teams that were looking have seen the sub makes the outcome only look more grim.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy is sending down their own Flyaway Deep Ocean Salvage System in hopes of finding the submarine to pull it to the surface. The salvage system is usually used for picking up bulky objects from the ocean floor, including aircrafts and ships, so if they’re able to find the Titan, they should be able to pull it ashore.

Right now, it’s not looking like this story is going to have the happy ending, but we continue to hope everyone is found safe.

[Image via OceanGate/YouTube]

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