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Noah Cyrus 'Over' Family Feud & Dominic Purcell Love Triangle -- 'Tish Will Always Be Her Mom'

Noah Cyrus 'Over' Family Feud Over Dominic Purcell -- 'Tish Will Always Be Her Mom'

Noah Cyrus is done fighting over a boy!

According to an Us Weekly source on Wednesday, the 24-year-old is ready to bury the hatchet after a messy feud with her mother Tish Cyrus and her ex/stepdad Dominic Purcell — whom she used to date before her momma started “pursuing” him! An insider dished:

“She just wants to focus on her life and move forward. It’s been over a year ago at this point, and Noah has definitely moved on and she’s over it. At the end of the day, Tish will always be her mom and she doesn’t want to hold any resentment towards her.”

Being the bigger person! Good for her! But that doesn’t mean she’s not upset with how everything went down…

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The source went on to note the singer still isn’t okay with how her mom swooped in and stole her man and then went to such extreme measures to make sure Noah wouldn’t show up to their 2023 wedding. The confidant continued:

“When the whole Tish and Dominic situation unfolded, Noah was extremely distraught. Although Noah’s relationship with Dominic wasn’t extremely serious, it still felt like a betrayal in her eyes.”

And because of their messy history, don’t expect them to be one big happy family! Noah’s still got some boundaries drawn! She reportedly has no interest in having a relationship with her new stepfather — who, again, is also her former lover — with an insider saying, “That just feels strange.” We mean, we have to agree! Apparently she and the Prison Break star are not currently communicating at all. It’s unclear if she’s been in touch with the music manager, either.

As for the rest of the family, Noah is also willing to forgive her big sis Miley Cyrus, who reportedly helped hire security to make sure the July artist didn’t show up to the wedding. The source shared:

“Noah doesn’t understand why Miley took such extreme measures to keep her from attending the wedding. She wasn’t invited so obviously she wasn’t planning on going.”

Insisting there was no reason to think the Ponyo star would cause a scene, the insider urged, “That’s just not who she is.” Nevertheless, looking to the future, Noah is also hoping to move forward and make amends with the Hannah Montana alum:

“Noah isn’t upset with Miley, she’s so over it.”


Noah hinted she was ready to move on when she wished her momma a happy birthday and happy Mother’s Day on Instagram earlier this month, but Tish never seemed to publicly respond. She and her hubby have reportedly started having marriage problems in light of the scandal, too — so she might not be so ready to forgive just yet! But hopefully, this family can figure things out, even though this dynamic will never be super normal! It’s not every day someone’s ex becomes their stepdad. LOLz!

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[Image via Elle/Miley Cyrus/YouTube & Tish Cyrus/Instagram]

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