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North Carolina Man Arrested On Mechanophilia Charges -- AKA Making Love To A Car!

North Carolina Man Arrested For Alleged Mechanophilia – AKA Sexual Attraction To Cars!

We’ve heard of car guys, but this is ridiculous!

A North Carolina man has been arrested following a months-long investigation into “activity related to mechanophilia” — AKA sexual activity with vehicles!

WHA??? We’re not usually here to kink shame, but… this is a bit much. We mean… think about your carbon footprint! LOLz!

According to the Kinston Police Department in a statement released on Facebook, a man was caught on camera on Sunday “tampering” with a victim’s car, which was parked on Adkin Street. Wait, not even his own car? He’s a fetishist AND a homewrecker? The suspect was identified as Walter McCray, and warrants for his arrest were quickly obtained. By Monday, investigators had located the 52-year-old and he was arrested.

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He was charged with one count of felony stalking, five counts of damage to property, and five counts of injury-tampering with a vehicle. He is currently being held at the Lenoir County Jail.

There are no further details about his case or the investigation yet. But if it went on for months, there must have been numerous… um… incidents. Right? Before the photo proof, there must have been other… er… evidence someone was having their way with the person’s car?? Thankfully it sounds like the nightmare for the unknown victim and their vehicle is over!

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[Image via CNN/YouTube & Kinston Police Department]

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