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Octo-Mom Finally Gets Her Own House!

Looks like Octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, who’s been described by her former publicist as being nuts, will finally have a house big enough for her kids.
Well, bigger than the current place she’s living at, her mom’s house – that is soon going into foreclosure.
According to reports, Nadya’s dad has just purchased a 2,583 square-foot house near where Octopussy’s mom currently lives.
The house only has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and includes a large backyard. It’s a decent-sized house, square-foot wise, but how do you fit 14 kids and 1 adult into a 4 bedroom house?
As for the selling price, the home was listed for $564,900 by Prudential Realty and will reportedly be owned by Octo-Grandpa this Friday. Octopussy is said to be moving in sometime this weekend or early next week.
A source adds that a “substantial down payment” came from the money Nadya has made over the past few weeks whoring herself out to the media. Adding that, “the money has been coming from all over the place.”
Hopefully she can pay the house off in full soon and still afford to feed her children.
Oh, wait. Bitch doesn’t work!
How can she afford anything?!?!

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Mar 09, 2009 18:54pm PDT

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