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OnlyFans Model Goes Viral For ALL THE WRONG REASONS Trying To Prove She's Being Harassed At Store!

OF Model Grocery Story Checkout Video

An OnlyFans star has gone viral… But NOT for what she’d hoped for.

Adult content creator Katie Miller stirred up a social media storm after posting a video from in a self-checkout line at a local grocery store. She secretly filmed herself — and the man standing behind her. Her intention for the video was clearly to paint him as a creep who couldn’t help himself from checking her out. She tallied up the number of times he looked at her, rolling her eyes and giving the camera a knowing look. The problem is, it doesn’t even seem like the guy is being a creep, like AT ALL! He’s just minding his business waiting in line behind her — and maybe trying to figure out what the heck she’s doing filming herself! In fact, social media users actually ended up coming for HER — for holding up the line with her attention-grabbing scheme!

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X (Twitter) user @Malcolm_fleX48 posted the video on his own account on Sunday and called out the Nashville, Tennessee-based creator:

“He is literally waiting on people to hurry up so he can check out with his food. Holding up checkout to make a TikTok should be a criminal offense.”

Ha! Watch the clip, which has now been viewed over 13 MILLION times (below):

You’d be forgiven for not making it to the end of the vid, but it gets weirder — as she mutters at him, “That’s what you guys are, just a couple of meat bags.” Ummmm, alrighty! Ha!

In the replies, fellow social media users overwhelmingly agreed Katie was the one in the wrong, adding things like:

“She has a camera out recording him while he waits in line and he is the bad guy. Smh. I hope she is banned from that store.”

“It’s 2024, of course this woman makes a video suggesting that she doesn’t like the attention, and then posts the video to social media in order to get attention”

“Look at me!! Look at me!!! Now don’t look at me!! Don’t look at me!! Look at me!! Look at me!!! The irony of her caring who looks at her based on the way they look is utterly breathtaking.”

“Gotta wonder how often she does this, given that she’s got a phone in her hand and another one filming her grocery store adventure from the cart.”

What do YOU think of the video, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Katie Miller/TikTok]

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Jun 11, 2024 13:57pm PDT