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O.J. Simpson Responds To Khloé Kardashian Paternity Rumor -- With Some SERIOUS Shade For Kris Jenner!

O.J. Simpson Responds To Khloé Kardashian Paternity Rumor -- With Some SERIOUS Shade For Kris Jenner!

O.J. Simpson is getting real about whether or not he is Khloé Kardashian‘s real father!

Of course, that rumor has been flying around for YEARS. Khlo-money has long tried to push back on the allegations, but fans on social media don’t seem to care. There’s been a persistent rumbling online for over a decade about Khloé’s “true” parentage, with conspiracy-minded fans believing Robert Kardashian Sr. is not her real father. Instead, folks think it was O.J. who secretly fathered the reality TV star with Kris Jenner.

Well, the Naked Gun star sat down for an interview on the Full Send Podcast that was released to YouTube on Sunday, and he finally, unequivocally DENIED it. Oh, and he shaded the s**t out of Kris in the process! Yeesh!!

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OK, let’s rewind to how the rumor got started… See, the former football star was a friend of the family. Robert was famously one of the lawyers who helped get him acquitted for the murders of ex Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The late attorney was married to Kris from 1978 to 1991, of course, with now-famous children KourtneyKim, Khloé, and Rob being produced during the union. So why do folks think Khloé in particular isn’t Robert’s? Well, she just looks so different from her dad when compared to her other siblings. She’s like a foot taller for a start! So when Full Send got O.J. in studio, they had to ask him on record about it.

When asked what he thought about Kris, the former Buffalo Bills star brushed off any idea he would have hooked up with the future momager, saying:

“I always thought Kris was a cute girl. She was really nice, but you know, I was dating supermodels.”


Kris wasn’t good enough?? That was already halfway to a denial, implying he wouldn’t even have considered hooking up with someone who was only “cute.” Ouch. But the NFL star did get more specific and less shady with his next responses.

The interviewer asked whether Simpson “knew the rumor” about the Revenge Body host’s secret parentage. O.J. very clearly did know the rumor because he immediately and adamantly denied it:

“The rumor ain’t true. It’s not even nowhere close to being true.”

So that’s that, then, right?

Not quite!

The host pressed on, adding:

“Some people think you might be Khloé Kardashian’s real dad.”

And yet O.J. wouldn’t budge. He replied:

“No, no, no I’m not.”

But the host was undeterred. In response, he said:

“Because Kim is like 5’5″, Kourtney’s like 5’3″, and Khloe’s like 6’2″.”

OK, first off, that’s not true. Kourtney is about 5’0″, Kim is 5’2″ on a good day (LOLz), and Khloé is supposedly 5’10” (but may well be shorter). But yes, she’s definitely quite a bit taller.

Anyways, O.J. stuck to his guns. He is NOT the father. Although!! He did attempt to start a different rumor in response, teasing:

“Well, I’ve seen the family say something about a cook or something, but I don’t know.”


Wait a minute! Could that be true?! “Something about a cook or something”?! WTF?! Is he simply trying to deflect all this attention away from himself??

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Of course, Rob Sr. passed away in July 2003 after a short but difficult time with esophageal cancer. Ever since, Khloé has memorialized him on social media along with her siblings. Plus, she and Kris have both consistently denied the rumors regarding Simpson. Now, O.J. is denying them, too… but also throwing in this new “something about a cook” comment. Huh.

BTW, you can watch Simpson on the full 2-hour podcast (below):


Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram/Full Send Podcast/YouTube]

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