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OJ Simpson Told Friend He Had 'Dreams Of Killing' Nicole! OMG!

O.J. Simpson once made a shocking confession to a pal after the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Back in 1994, the NFL star had been accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend. And in a shocking twist a year later, he was acquitted of the murders. Many were stunned by the outcome and believed the decision was a massive mistake — including his former pal and police officer Ron Shipp. Why? The retired LAPD cop felt in his gut that O.J. was guilty of the crimes, and it was all because of a disturbing conversation he had with the actor around the time of the investigation into the murders.

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In the wake of his death last week, Shipp opened up to People on his interactions with O.J. shortly after the killings. He recalled the former Buffalo Bills player had already been called in by detectives for questioning:

“He went down there, and they questioned him on all and why his finger was cut, all those different things.”

During a conversation at O.J.’s house afterward, though, the disgraced athlete allegedly told him the detectives wanted him to take a lie detector test — and he refused to do it. But according to Shipp he did take that test — and he “failed”!

“But it turns out that he did take it. Nobody really knew that. But I guess he failed miserably, but I didn’t know it either.”

The main reason he was so reticent to go through the process? According to Shipp, O.J. admitted to him he’d had “dreams of killing” Nicole! WHAT?!? The ex-officer claims:

“He told me he didn’t want to take it. And I said, ‘Why?’ and he said, because he had dreams of killing her.”

Jeez. Understandably, Shipp was shocked by the horrific confession. O.J. quickly went into damage control mode, though, insisting he didn’t want to kill his ex actually. Hmm. The former cop said:

“I said, ‘Man, you had dreams of killing her? And he goes, ‘Yeah. But I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to take it because I didn’t want the needle to pop up or something like that.’”

However, his comments were still a glaring red flag to his friend. Shipp only grew more suspicious of O.J. as they continued to talk about the case. For starters, Shipp claimed The Cassandra Crossing star changed his story about how he got a cut on his hand “three different times.” Then O.J. kept asking him question after question about DNA evidence. He recalled:

“He did ask, ‘How long does it take DNA to come back?’ And I think I told him at the time about two months or something.”

All of this combined led Shipp to think one thing: O.J. did it. He even figured the only reason the actor had him come over that day was to pick his brain about the odds of him either ending up in jail or being OK in the end:

“When I left that house, I knew he did it. There was just no if, ands or buts. That’s one of the reasons I think he kept me that night. I was [retired] by then, but he just wanted me to answer all these questions so I guess he could feel good about himself or think, ‘Oh, I’m going to jail.’”

Shipp added how tough that was to decide about his friend:

“I was broken-hearted, and I really kept asking myself, ‘Why am I still here?’ You’re thinking in your mind that he killed her. It’s still a shock to me, and you’re praying and you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, I hope you didn’t do this.’ But it had all the things that made me think, ‘You killed your wife.’”

He went on to become a witness and testify about this jaw-dropping conversation he had with O.J. at the criminal trial. But, of course, his testimony did nothing to stop him from being acquitted of the killings.

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