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GOP Politician Admits He & Wife Are Swingers After Leaked Photos, Still Manages To Sound Homophobic In Confession

GOP Politician Admits He & Wife Are Swingers After Leaked Photos, Still Manages To Sound Homophobic In Confession

A leading Republican politician hoping to become the next governor of the state of Oregon is now embroiled in a different kind of “swing state” controversy!

Stan Pulliam, currently mayor of the town of Sandy, Oregon, while running for the Republican nom to helm the Pacific Northwest state, was outed in a leak this week as being involved in a Facebook-based sex club!

Pulliam and his wife, MacKensey, were revealed late last week in old photos from “Swinger Facebook Group PDX.” Multiple Oregon-based media outlets were sent the leaked photos of the couple, which were first posted in the private group back in 2016. And now the politician is speaking out about the scandal!

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The 40-year-old confirmed to Willamette Week days ago that the leak was very real and that he and his wife of 12 years were actually the ones in the screenshots of the old swinger’s page posts.

Admitting to being involved with the group, Pulliam said this of himself and MacKensey:

“We explored relationships, mutual relationships with other couples, for a brief period of time before ultimately deciding that it wasn’t for us.”


In one of the old posts from 2016, Pulliam shared a series of photos of himself and MacKensey, clearly and publicly identifying themselves without a doubt. Along with the pics, the future gubernatorial candidate wrote at the time:

“Hi Everyone! MacKensey and I are excited to be added to your little community. Some of you we have already had the pleasure to meet and we look forward to getting to know the rest of you!”

Ooooh La La!

Really sounds like someone timidly withdrawing, doesn’t it? LOLz!

Fast forward from there to late last week, and Pulliam told the local news outlet that the couple’s “exploration” ended well before he decided to make a run for Governor of the state. The mayor said:

“I think people can relate from all different parts of the state who have been involved in marriages. There are different stages of marriage and different ebbs and flows. This is something that was for a brief period in our past and is in the past.”

Hey, man, whatever floats your boat! It’s *your* party that judges people’s sexuality. But see, that’s what makes this problematic. When it’s fine for them to move the goalposts on what’s acceptable based on whatever they are personally into. Meanwhile they’re still judging everyone else as “sinners.”

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Even though Pulliam was ready to admit his (supposedly former) swinger status, the pol was adamant that other rumors circulating online — namely that he is bisexual and that he will align his campaign with LGBTQ+ communities — are false.

Pulliam made it all too clear it’s still very much not OK to be gay in the Republican Party, saying:

“I’m a heterosexual male. And I’ve only personally engaged in heterosexual activity.”

He also added this about his supposedly still-conservative political values even in spite of the scandal:

“In Oregon, we really cherish values of individuality and liberty. The decisions that we made were for MacKensey and I to make in the privacy of our own homes. We’re certainly not asking anybody to participate or practice or do any of the things that we have decided to do in the past. But we’re also certainly not ashamed of decisions that we’ve made in the past either, as they’ve made us stronger.”

See what we mean? Oh, sure, THIS is about “individuality and liberty” — but if you’re gay or trans, how dare you ask to be treated with equity and respect, right? Ugh.

Considering how that is the part he’s denying, that’s the rumor he’s pushing back on — makes you wonder who’s spreading it, right? Maybe one of his own party’s primary opponents trying to get him out of the way?

FWIW, recent polls have Pulliam in second place in the Republican Party’s 12-candidate primary field. Could Oregon swing in his direction after this nookie news??

We’ll just have to see what the voters decide…

[Image via Stan Pulliam/Instagram]

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