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Pamela Anderson Alleges Physical Abuse By 'Monster' Ex-BF: 'He Threw Me Around By My Hair'

Pamela Anderson ex-boyfriend abuse claims

The allegations put forth here by Pamela Anderson are, to say the least, deeply disturbing.
As we’ve been tracking this week, the former Baywatch star broke it off with now ex-boyfriend Adil Rami just a few days ago, resulting in a fiery social media post that got the attention of much of the entertainment world.
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And now, based on a just-released email chain between Anderson and Sidonie Biémon — Rami’s other ex and his two-time baby momma back in France — it turns out the American TV star was allegedly violently abused by the French soccer star during their relationship.
The two women, both formerly with Rami, quickly bonded over email based on the claim the soccer star had allegedly been cheating on them both — and with each other. Throughout the string of emails, according to The Blast, Anderson recounts disturbing and dangerous incidents with Rami, with the accusations being both heartbreaking and jaw-dropping.
At one point, Biémon reveals to Anderson she’d been sleeping with Rami from September 2017 to early 2019 — and that the pair have two children together — to which the former Baywatch star responds (below):

“I’ve been living with Adil for over 2 years. I am leaving him. For good this time … He’s a narcissist. He is frightening. He has hurt me a lot — physically and mentally.”

Then, she begins to detail the horrifying, alleged acts of violence.
For one, Anderson alleges the soccer player “threw me around by my hair in LA last summer” during an alleged incident that purportedly occurred because she left him at a hotel so she could do a photo shoot.
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She also recounted how, months later, she was forced “to go to the hospital” because of a particularly sickening act of alleged abuse. Anderson wrote (below):

“He crushed both my hands I needed to go to hospital (six months after) because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t write or open a water bottle.”

Anderson goes on to label Rami “extremely jealous” and “paranoid” within their relationship; Biémon — who doesn’t ever admit she was abused by the soccer player — agrees on the psychological aspects of fear present in their relationship, saying “he’s too dangerous” and claiming he’s “mentally unstable.”
We’re obviously grateful that Anderson (and hopefully Biémon) was able to run away from this alleged abuse. We’re just very, very sorry to see the TV icon was physically hurt at all in the first place. So scary!!!
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