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Paris Hilton Says She Was Abused By Five Of Her Exes: 'I Was Strangled, I Was Hit'

paris hilton explains past abusive relationship

Paris Hilton is proving to be an open book about her past, even when it comes to the difficult moments.

The Simple Life star has been teasing the stories she’ll share in her upcoming documentary, This Is Paris, premiering September 14 on YouTube, including the trauma and abuse she suffered at the hands of several ex-boyfriends and a boarding school she attended in Utah.

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The entrepreneur tells People:

“I went through multiple abusive relationships. I was strangled, I was hit, I was grabbed aggressively. I put up with things no one should.”

Absolutely NOT okay.

The 39-year-old says because of the painful experiences she had at Provo Canyon School, where her parents sent her at the age of 17, she felt that this behavior later on in life with five of her partners was normal because she didn’t know much differently:

“I had become so used to [abusive behavior] at Provo, that it made me feel like it was normal. They all seemed like such nice guys and then the true colors would show. They’d get jealous, or defensive or try to control me. And there would come a point where they would become physically, verbally and emotionally abusive.”

She adds:

“I didn’t really understand what love or relationships were. I thought that them getting so crazy meant that they were in love with me. Looking back, I can’t believe I let people treat me like that.”

The experiences Miz Hilton went through as a young woman carried on into early adulthood, the model says, sharing she likely never would have made her sex tape with ex Rick Salomon, which leaked in 2003, had she not already dealt with alleged abuse in school:

“I would never have let anyone into my life like [the man in the tape, whom she was dating at the time]. I met the worst person I could meet and if I hadn’t gone to Provo, I wouldn’t have entertained the thought of letting him into my life. Provo affected my future relationships.”

Luckily, her relationship today with Carter Reum was worth the wait despite her past heartbreak, and it seems like things are truly picture-perfect now:

“I feel so safe with him. Before, I don’t think I was really ready for a good relationship. But I’ve learned so much. And I’m so grateful to have found my perfect match.”


We’re so glad Paris is in a healthy and happy relationship today. She definitely deserves it!!

[Image via WENN/Avalon.]

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