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Chaos In The Air -- Passenger Opens Emergency Door MID-FLIGHT Over South Korea!

Passenger Aboard South Korean Airline Opens Emergency Door MID FLIGHT!

Nearly 200 travelers’ worst nightmares came true after an unruly airline passenger opened the emergency door MID FLIGHT!

In shocking footage posted to Twitter Friday morning, passengers aboard Asiana Airlines Airbus flight A321 can be seen getting wind whipped by the open aircraft door — but were luckily belted to their seats.

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According to NBC News, the flight, which held 194 people, was making its way from the South Korean city of Daegu to the southern island of Jeju (only about a one hour trip), when a “male passenger” began toying with the emergency door. Han Jae Min, an Asiana Airlines representative, told the outlet:

“The male passenger who sat next to the emergency exit door that opened said that he was tinkering with the handle and that he opened the door.”

WTF?? Seriously, what went through his mind? That’s just something you DON’T do! Min explained the flight was just “a few minutes from landing” when the incident occurred, leaving nearby passengers to fight for their lives against the terrifying reality. Luckily, there were no deaths, but the airline rep revealed multiple passengers were hospitalized:

“Nine passengers were taken to the nearby hospital after landing because of breathing issues but we understand that they are in good condition.”

According to ABC News, some of the victims’ symptoms included hyperventilation and ear pain. See the terrifying footage (below):

Min added that the reckless passenger who caused all the chaos is “currently being questioned by the police”. The Korean Transport Ministry told ABC News the move was a violation of airline security, and carries a potential penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

What a WILD story! We’re so glad everyone is ok! Let’s just hope police get to the bottom of why this man did what he did.

[Image via CNA/YouTube]

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May 26, 2023 13:54pm PDT