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Sexist Pastor On Leave After Encouraging Women To Look Like 'Epic Trophy Wife' Melania Trump

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A Missouri pastor is on leave from his church after getting heat over a seriously sexist sermon in which he criticized married women who “let themselves go.”

This week, videos made rounds on social media showing Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark delivering the sermon from a stage at 1st General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri. While it’s not clear when Clark originally delivered the sermon, it’s obvious the man’s brain is stuck in B.C. times, as he “thanked God” for makeup and encouraged women congregants to do all they can to keep their mans’ eyes from wandering.

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He said in the video:

“Your man needs an attractive wife. Ladies, don’t give him a reason to be like this distracted boyfriend. You hear me? Don’t give him a reason to be looking around… I really don’t think women understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm… it’s really important to a man.”

Excuse us while we vomit.

Save for the occasional clap or “Amen!”, the crowd remains largely silent through Clark’s archaic address, during which he warned that women must “look good” if they want their husbands to remain faithful and happy in a relationship. He mused:

“Why is it so many times that women after they get married let themselves go?”

If that wasn’t enough to make every woman’s blood boil, the pastor went as far as to say that all women should aspire to look like Melania Trump, whom he described as “the epic trophy wife of all time.” He added:

“I’m not saying every woman can be the epic, the epic trophy wife of all time, like Melania Trump. Maybe you’re a participation trophy.”


He went on to discourage women from wearing comfortable clothes like sweatpants and flip-flops, because there “ain’t nothing attractive about that,” before advising women to ask their husbands what looks good. He barked:

“It’s important that he thinks you’re hot! It’s important because he’s going to look, and you want him looking at you. God made men to be drawn to beautiful women. We are made this way. We can’t help ourselves.”

WTF!? Someone needs to smite this sexist creep! Clark wrapped up his sermon by referencing a most definitely outdated quote from the Corinthians, sharing.

“The wife has no longer all the rights over her body, but she shares them with her husband… So, whenever she’s not in the mood, take out your Bible.”


Thankfully, church officials didn’t agree with Clark’s ancient views. In a statement posted on its website, the place of worship wrote:

“As of March 2, 2021, Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark has taken a leave of absence and is seeking professional counseling.”


The incident even sparked a response from the General Baptist Council of Associations, with which Clark’s church is affiliated. In a statement on its Facebook page, the council said the sermon in question “included comments that are not consistent with the positions and values of General Baptists,” adding:

“General Baptists believe that every woman was created in the image of God, and they should be valued for that reason.”

Okay, the “that reason” logic isn’t perfect, but at least we know the church won’t put up with this kind of idiocy. Still, we have to wonder: how many times did this pastor deliver such misogynistic garbage before he was asked to leave?

[Image via Instar/WENN]

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