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Pete Davidson Walks Off Stage During Standup Set Due To Nonstop Heckling -- & Fans Come To His Defense!

Pete Davidson won’t stand for heckling — and neither will MOST of his fans!

Last week, the Saturday Night Live alum stopped in Omaha, Nebraska as part of his Prehab Tour, but the excited crowd didn’t get to see his full routine because of nonstop heckling. Near the end of his set, he abruptly walked off the stage as some audience members just wouldn’t stop disrupting him. And one attendee is pissed about it!!

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A woman named Kate Stivers, who claimed to be at the show that night, took to YouTube over the weekend to rant about the lack of “decorum” some fans demonstrated at the show, which led to Pete’s exit. She said:

“Where the f**k did decorum go at events because he shouldn’t have had to walk off stage because you guys don’t understand that because you see crowd work on TikTok that you think every comedian now needs to be heckled to the point that they leave stage with one joke left. Like, it’s just absolutely absurd. You’re ruining it for the whole show.”

She spoke directly to the alleged heckler:

“And I saw you, motherf**ker, I saw one of you. You were bragging about it as you left the show … You ruined the show for everybody. [Pete] didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve that one bit.”

She noted that everyone’s phones were taken per Pete’s tour policy, which she thinks was for “good reason.” And she also expressed that heckling should be treated with a similar policy:

“There should be no tolerance. … You need to immediately be kicked the f**k out.”

Watch her full video (below):

Fans in a Reddit thread titled, “Pete Walked Off — Omaha,” shared similar takes:

“I was there, and yeah, i kind of don’t blame him. I’ve only been to a handful of comedy shows, and I hate when people just yell s**t to get attention.”

“I was at the 7pm show and so disappointed to hear how the later show went. That wasn’t very Nebraska nice of us”

“This sucks for the people who didn’t act like children at that show.”

“I was there and it was so s***ty. He was so close to being done and we lost out on a great ending to a great show because people suck.”

What are YOUR thoughts on heckling, Perezcious readers? Let us know down in the comments (below).

[Image via Netflix Is A Joke/YouTube]

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May 28, 2024 14:55pm PDT