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The Heartbreaking Final Internet Search Of A Pregnant Wife Murdered By Her Husband

This Was The Heartbreaking Final Internet Search Of A Pregnant Wife Murdered By Her Husband

A pregnant wife, who was beaten to death by her husband, had been using the internet to search for advice about her situation in the days prior to her death.

Perezcious readers will recall how we previously reported on the trial of Beau Rothwell, a 31-year-old man from Missouri who was convicted last last month of murdering his 28-year-old wife, Jennifer Rothwell in November of 2019. Prosecutors successfully made their case in court that he had dumped her naked body 45 miles away from their home. Jennifer had been six weeks pregnant at the time, investigators later determined.

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Now, heartbreaking information from the days prior to Jennifer’s murder has been revealed.

During the trial, which concluded late last week, prosecutors revealed that Jennifer had been searching online for advice regarding her recent pregnancy. Fearing that her husband didn’t approve of their coming child, investigators found that the late chemical engineer used her phone to type in this chilling search term in the days right before she was killed:

“what to do if your husband is upset you are pregnant”


In court, the since-convicted husband took the stand and actually admitted to killing Jennifer with a mallet inside their Missouri home. However, he claimed to the jury that he’d experienced a “red haze” of rage during an argument about an extramarital affair he had been having.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Beau said on the stand:

“In the heat of everything, I hit her again. I believe I cracked her skull, she fell unconscious and fell down the stairs.”

With the admission, his lawyers argued he was responsible for merely manslaughter, instead of murder. The jury didn’t see it that way, though, and voted to convict on the premeditation.

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Amid the court proceedings, it was also revealed by prosecutors that Beau had previously made a list of pros and cons about his affair in the period immediately prior to murdering Jennifer.

The affair list’s pros included:

“better sex life”

“more respect”

“fresh start”

And he spelled out cons to the affair and a potential divorce, as well:

“half my assets/money”

“trust is shaken/tainted”

“my family disappointment”

“take on her [the mistress] kid with his probs”

What a horrible, horrible thing to spell out like that. So cold and cruel. Next, Beau is scheduled to be sentenced for the crime in early July. He faces up to life in prison in the sentence following his conviction.

[Image via KMOV St. Louis/YouTube/St. Louis County Police Department]

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