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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are PISSED At Princess Eugenie And Beatrice For Going 'Behind Their Backs' To Hang Out With Piers Morgan!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are PISSED At Princess Eugenie & Beatrice For Meeting With Piers Morgan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a huge bone to pick with Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. Why is that? Well, the two cousins were caught hanging out with none other than Piers Morgan!

According to OK! Magazine, Beatrice and Eugenie were recently spotted with the 58-year-old television personality, along with their other celebrity friends, including singer James Blunt, at The Princess Royal pub in London. Things seemed pretty friendly between the trio as they were seen laughing and smiling when they left the establishment.

The outing is eyebrow-raising, considering Piers has never held back his disdain for Meghan – so much so that he left his job at Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologize for making offensive comments about the Suits alum’s mental health struggles. Plus, sisters have been become close to the Sussexes, even amid their bitter feud with the other royal family members. So Meghan and Harry are (understandably) feeling a tad betrayed right now, all because of their meeting with Piers!

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A source told OK! Magazine that the duke and duchess are “astonished” that Beatrice and Eugenie would go “behind their backs” to basically fraternize with their enemy, saying:

“After everything Piers has said about them as a couple – especially Meghan, who he’s called so many names – Harry and Meghan are astonished that they’ve gone behind their backs. It will be interesting to see how Harry interacts with his cousins during the coronation.”

It will definitely be a little awkward now. So much for Harry having some friendly faces in the royal fam during the coronation, huh?! The hangout between Prince Andrew’s daughters and Piers not only has stunned Meghan and Harry, but royal experts too! Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told the outlet:

“I was astonished – I find these pictures absolutely extraordinary. I don’t know what the relationship with Piers Morgan is, but I think it does compromise their relationship – particularly Eugenie’s relationship with Harry. I can’t imagine either of them, Meghan in particular, would be comfortable seeing [Harry’s] cousin really embracing Piers Morgan. And not just a quick handshake or peck on the cheek, but a full-blown hug.”

For Beatrice and Eugenie, though, they do not believe they’ve done anything wrong! Meghan and Harry apparently do not feel the same way, and we can imagine the pair are feeling pretty hurt by their actions. The 34-year-old and 33-year-old sisters must have known how the couple would have reacted to the meet-up with the controversial figure – so why would they risk their relationship with the Harry and Meghan? Another insider told the outlet that Piers hoped to lock down an interview with Eugenie and Beatrice for his series Piers Morgan Uncensored. The siblings reportedly have welcomed the idea with open arms – even asking their uncle King Charles for permission to appear on the TalkTV show:

“It won’t be a Harry and Meghan-style interview, because they have requested permission from the King and the interview will portray the family in a very positive light. Eugenie and Beatrice are keen to put their side across and talk about their new lives.”

Oh, man… If Meghan and Harry didn’t like the hangout session, they most likely are not happy about this part if it’s true! Will their relationship with Eugenie and Beatrice come crashing down all because of Piers? Here’s hoping they can work past this bump in the road because Meghan and Harry can’t afford to lose any more allies amid their beef with the royals!

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[Image via Lia Toby/WENN, MEGA/WENN]

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