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Prince Harry Missing His 'Moment' To Step Up For Royal Family -- Could Hospitalizations Be Chance To Heal 'Deep Rift'!

Prince Harry Missing His 'Moment' To Step Up For Royal Family -- But Hospitalizations Could Be Chance To Heal 'Deep Rift'!

With Princess Catherine and King Charles III down for the count, this would’ve been a great chance for some understudy royals to step up to the plate and prove their worth. You know, royals like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Only now, it’s just another sour reminder that they walked away!

As we’ve been following, it was revealed earlier this week that Kate Middleton went in for a “successful” and “planned abdominal surgery” on Tuesday, but will now be recovering in a hospital for possibly up to two weeks. She will then be out of commission until likely around Easter. Because of this, Prince William has stepped back from public duties until his wife is settled back at home.

Meanwhile, Charles happens to be set to undergo a procedure for an enlarged prostate next week, causing him to back out of royal engagements for a short time, too. So, basically, almost all of the most senior royals aren’t working right now! Meaning, it could’ve been the PERFECT (and somewhat rare) chance for the Spare author to make his mark. Unfortunately, he has long since removed himself from the equation. But is he regretting that choice now??

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Royal biographer Robert Jobson said as much in an interview with True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, per The Sun on Friday, noting that the Archewell founder could have “had his moment” and truly found his role in the institution had he still been actively involved at a time like this, musing:

“Since we’ve lost Meghan and Harry, and [Prince] Andrew is no longer taking part as a working royal, the amount of duties [William and Catherine] are expected to carry out has increased. The workload on the King and Queen is high as well. So I think … they do need that back-up.”

They’d need the help no matter what, but during a crisis like this? It could’ve been such a stress reliever to have someone like Harry pitching in. And despite making the hard choice to leave the UK, Robert thinks the dad of two is probably regretting not being able to help, too:

“And maybe Harry will be looking from the other side of the pond thinking that this would have been his moment, and he could have been very useful.”

It’s certainly a missed opportunity! But just ’cause they can’t help doesn’t the Sussexes can’t do anything!

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun on Friday that the Duke of Sussex should “approach” his estranged family to finally make amends. He’ll have to do it the right way, though! Richard explained:

“There is a very deep rift in the royal family. As far as anyone is aware, Harry and William aren’t speaking. It’s very unfortunate this has happened. Not only the King with an enlarged prostate but Catherine has also had an operation of some magnitude. Given the sensitivities involved, it is hoped some approach would be made by Harry but the best thing, and the only thing, would be a quiet or private approach. So basically we don’t hear.”

Privacy is very important with this!! If Harry and Meg try to make a public show of reconciliation right now, it surely WON’T go over well! It’ll seem desperate. Maybe if they were to extend a kind (and discreet!) olive branch — say sending flowers, cooked meals, or something for the kids to the Wales’ home — then maybe they’d finally make some progress with this seemingly never-ending feud.

Same goes for Charles and Queen Camilla! The insider added:

“I would have thought Harry will approach his father, brother and also Catherine. […] Catherine will clearly need a period to recover. The only human way and sensible way of approaching this is to obviously contact her but not publicly. The royal family don’t trust the Sussexes. There might be some way to bridge the awful rift using these unfortunate circumstances.”

Generally speaking, times like these are prime for families to reconnect, when someone falls ill or faces similar hardship. Now, obviously, the issues in the royal family are more extensive than most families. But, still. It would be a nice thing to do!

Thoughts?! Do you think Harry’s wishing he could do more for The Firm right now? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Euan Cherry]

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