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Princess Catherine's Brother James Releasing Tell-All Memoir About Their Childhood, Royal Life, & MORE!

Princess Catherine's Brother James Releasing Tell-All Memoir About Their Childhood, Royal Life, & MORE!

Princess Catherine‘s brother is ready to tell all when it comes to his life growing up alongside the future member of the royal family — and much more!

James Middleton is set to release his new memoir, Meet Ella: The Dog Who Saved My Life, on September 26 of this year. As you may recall, the 37-year-old has posted to his socials and done a few press interviews about the book before after first revealing its existence and his publication plan back in March.

As far as we knew at the time, the story was going to be — as the title suggests — about his beloved dog Ella, who got James through the end of his childhood as well as a remarkably difficult battle with depression as a young adult. But now, according to a new description of the book released on Monday by the publisher Simon & Schuster, it turns out the memoir is going to spill a lot more tea than that!

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This brand-new description indicates James’ book is going to focus on his childhood growing up alongside his two older sisters — 42-year-old Kate Middleton and 40-year-old Pippa Middleton Matthews. The description reads:

“When he was a child, James Middleton wanted nothing more than a dog of his own. Struggling to connect in the classroom, James would often take off in pursuit of nature and animals — exploring the Berkshire countryside, tinkering with rusty farm machinery, caring for injured creatures, and losing himself for hours to the outdoors.”

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what James has written about growing up with Prince William‘s future wife!

And there’s more! After finally getting his parents Michael and Carole Middleton to agree to let him adopt Ella, the memoir “traces the extraordinary bond” between boy and dog through all kinds of life moments — some of which include royal events!! The description indicates that James will write about “royal weddings” among the many topics covered:

“From their enchanting introduction to their many adventures, from Scottish mountain sides to royal weddings, their journey is marked by love, loyalty, and unexpected twists of fate. Ella, a well-mannered and kind-natured companion, accompanied James everywhere, even playing a pivotal role in introducing him to his future wife, Alizée.”

There’s also the undercurrent of the topic of depression throughout the book. The publisher’s synopsis promises to uncover the truth “beyond the glamorous veneer of society engagements” amid James’ years-long battle with depression like so:

“Beyond the glamorous veneer of society engagements and entrepreneurial achievements lies a deeply personal account of James’ battle with depression. … [Ella] emerges as an intuitive friend, reading James’ moods and offering solace during his darkest hours, becoming the catalyst for his healing journey, and helping him to see all the good in his life and future. By turns tender and poignant, Meet Ella is a wonderfully heartwarming celebration of an unbreakable bond and the amazing healing potential of the human-animal connection.”

That sounds like an amazing book regarding James and his journey with Ella. But even more pointed towards our purposes, it sounds like there could be some REALLY interesting things to come out in the memoir about Catherine’s childhood, upbringing, and entrance into royal society. Likely even things the world doesn’t yet know!

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