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Princess Catherine Will 'Likely' Reveal Details Of Surgery ASAP -- Because She's Not 'Capable Of Lying'??

How and When Kate Middleton Will Finally Reveal Details of Her Surgery and Recovery

It’s only a matter of time before Princess Catherine reveals what’s really been going on. At least according to one friend who doesn’t think she’s “capable of lying.” Really?!?!

According to an Us Weekly source on Sunday, Kate Middleton will presumably share more details about her health condition when she steps back out for royal duties after Easter. Wow! A source close to the Princess of Wales explained:

“When she goes back to work after Easter, she will likely be ready to talk about it.”

The insider believes the 42-year-old will discuss details of her surgery and recovery “when she’s doing a royal walkabout and meeting and greeting members of the public.” They predicted Kate will “open up to a regular person” because she “doesn’t want all this fuss and bother.” How unplanned…

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A source for The Sun previously agreed, suggesting the royal would “discuss her recovery out on engagements” because she and Prince William are “at their most open” when connecting with the public. That said, the insider insisted they wouldn’t be “rushed” into sharing anything prematurely.

Feeling a bit differently about the timing of the reveal, Kate’s pal told Us that the mother of three would absolutely get candid about her condition as soon as she can. They dished:

“Nobody at the palace knows what the exact medical condition Kate has been suffering with. But Kate is a very transparent person. She’s not really capable of lying but at this stage and just wants her privacy.”

LMFAO! How can she be “a very transparent person” if NOBODY knows what’s going on? Make it make sense!!

Ignoring the contradictory comment, the insider went on to note that people will “likely” ask the Brit questions about her health during her first royal duties. And she will probably respond honestly, the confidant expressed:

“She doesn’t hide things and doesn’t have that ability to sneak around.”

Again, this source is talking about the woman who just admitted to photoshopping a family portrait — an image that was so doctored that major photo and news agencies sent out “kill notices” to stop it from being circulated amid mass conspiracy theories about Kate’s health and whereabouts. And, sure, most fans don’t think the future Queen was actually the person behind the scandal. Rather, that it was someone at Kensington Palace. But she still took the blame for it — making it surprising to see a friend praise her for her honesty right now!

And yet the source does make one good point. It’s going to be nearly impossible for Kate to avoid questions about her controversial recovery period when she does reenter society, so she’s gonna have to have a strong plan of action! Whether that’s continuing to deflect or actually getting candid, we’ll have to wait and see.

Thoughts? Do you think Kate is actually as honest as her friend thinks?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via John Rainford/WENN]

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