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'No Going Back'?! Princess Catherine 'Shudders' When She Hears Meghan Markle's Name!

Princess Catherine Kate Middleton Shudders Hearing Meghan Markle Name

Wow, this new book is blistering! If this is really how Princess Catherine feels, we can probably forget about any kind of reconciliation with the Sussexes. And if it isn’t true, well, it certainly ain’t gonna help!

The tome everyone is talkin’ about is Omid Scobie‘s Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival. There have been dozens of books written about the schism between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family, but most are written by royal insiders, more from the perspective of The Firm. Endgame — due out next Tuesday, November 28 — is written by a friend and confidant of Harry and Meghan. And the picture he paints is wildly different — especially when it comes to Prince William‘s wife Kate Middleton.

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In the latest we’re hearing of the “bombshells” the book is expected to drop, Scobie writes that a source close to Kate told him “she can be cold if she doesn’t like someone.” And importantly she was “never a fan” of Meghan. Damn. It sounds like the Suits actress never stood a chance!

Per snippets snagged by The Sun and Page Six, a source also told the author Kate was quick to trash Meghan behind her back:

“She spent more time talking about Meghan… than with Meghan.”

DAMN! And it obviously isn’t any better now! Scobie has heard, far from being rueful about the loss of a potential sister-in-law, she’s more like an evil queen-to-be from a Disney movie!

“Every time she hears about Meghan, Kate shudders and giggles.”

He also writes elsewhere that she “jokingly shivers” when she hears about Meghan. WHAT?? Ouch!

Little peeks like this make it seem almost like… she’s kind of a puppet master behind the scenes making sure Will and Harry never reconcile! Scobie says she’s already decided there’s “no going back” for her, as a source close to the family told him, per the book:

“She was close to Harry, and she will always look back fondly on those moments… and the relationship he had with their children… but to her there is no way she could ever trust them after all their interviews.”

That fits with the recent report from the Times of London that it was Kate who inserted the infamous “recollections may vary” line in the official royal response to Harry and Meghan’s racism accusation in the Oprah interview. Seems like she was ready to burn that bridge pretty quick!

It’s all part of the plan, says Scobie, who was told Catherine is trying to step into the role of her husband’s late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. After all, she’ll be the Queen Consort soon enough. She supposedly even took elocution lessons to sound more like a monarch should:

“Kate has learned what is paramount for survival in the system: vanishing into your role, giving away nothing, and allowing yourself to embody what the public sees in you. And with those elocution lessons, the Princess of Wales even sounds a bit like her former boss: polished, regal, and appropriately distant.”

“Appropriately distant”. He sure makes it sound like she took that part to heart.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? What is the REAL Princess Catherine like??

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