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Insiders Are Now Admitting Princess Catherine's 'Planned Abdominal Surgery' Was 'Serious' And 'Scary'! OMG!

Insiders Are Now Admitting Princess Catherine's 'Planned Abdominal Surgery' Was 'Serious' And 'Scary'! OMG!

It increasingly sounds like Princess Catherine‘s “planned abdominal surgery” was REALLY serious! Like, way more serious than early statements and reveals let on!

Of course, every surgery is serious. And thankfully we have medical professionals all over the world who take their jobs really seriously with that. But even in that context, Kate Middleton‘s abdominal issues are really giving insiders pause! Whoa!

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On Thursday, People revealed several key quotes from various insiders regarding the 42-year-old’s procedure at The London Clinic last week. While specifics about the actual procedure still aren’t publicly known, the event itself is being billed as “serious” and even “scary” by some close to the situation. One insider noted about Kate’s recovery:

“It does sound serious with the length of time [she’s taking to recover]. But she is in great hands and will have lots of care and support at home and is a fit young woman. I am sure she will bounce back.”

“It does sound serious” is both an admission of how important the surgery was to be done in haste and a little like royal insiders were caught off guard by the severity of what went down. Oof! And while Kensington Palace has already confirmed the surgery was not for a cancer-related issue, other insiders have noted that just going in for a medical procedure like this is no walk in the park. One former London Clinic patient said to the mag:

“The physical therapists are amazing, helping you recover and get back on your feet. After abdominal surgery, you need a lot of patience, and it’s a bit scary at first.”


It’s “a bit scary”?? Jeez! And now comes the recovery. Planned public outings in the coming weeks have been moved around, shifted into the future, or outright canceled. In the meantime, that first royal insider confirmed that rest and recovery must be the Princess of Wales’ top priority:

“It is sensible to take the time. That is a great example to the rest of us, as you’re often told to get back to work as soon as possible, which can be damaging. It is good for all of us to see her taking the time, recovering properly and then coming back. We can all learn from that.”

And it sounds like Prince William is going all-in on helping out, too! One close family friend noted that the couple is without “a huge private staff,” and so William is purposely “really hands-on” with the kids. The source added:

“He doesn’t want any mistakes made with the next generation. He wants to give them a proper upbringing and lots of love. That is foremost in his mind.”

And royal biographer Robert Hardman also noted:

“They are a modern royal couple. There would have been more delegation [in the past]. He doesn’t want to leave it all to the nanny.”

So, that’s nice. Always nice to see that hubby is helping out in a time such as this, of course.

But seriously, this surgery, y’all!! We were totally caught off guard by it, and it sounds like a lot of other folks in the know were, too. We continue to send all of our love and support to Princess Catherine during this trying time!

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