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If Anna Nicole Smith were still alive, she and Shanna Pokeher would be best friends!
They’d eat pork rinds and swallow it down with whiskey. They’d do each their nails and makeup at sleep-overs and wax each others’ hoo haas. They’d eat cheese out of a can and spread it over their freshly hairless vajayjays and go to town!
But, sadly, Anna Nicole is dead. Shanna, however, is still alive and we are hoping she picks up where Smith left off.
Pokeher went for a nipple at Mr. Chow’s on Saturday night, looking like the red light special on sale at the 99 cent store.
Look at that hair. The bloated face. The subtle eye makeup. The classy nails. Heaven!!!
Shanna just needs to start taking a lot (more) pills and behaving (even more) badly in public.
We’re onto something here!
[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Jul 22, 2007 11:52am PDT

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