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Did Doja Cat Diss Cardi B On Her New Album?! She Says...

Did Doja Cat Diss Cardi B On Her New Album?!

Is Doja Cat coming for Cardi B?

Last week, the female rapper teased her new single Masc on Instagram. A short few days later, she followed up with another post revealing she’s actually dropping a whole new album on Friday titled Scarlet 2 Claude, which is a sequel to her September album Scarlet.

Exciting!! But a few songs have since leaked early online, and fans are already in a frenzy over the lyrical content! Specifically, they are all up in arms over who they think Doja is calling out.

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While playfully posting about her “big three” in the rap game on X (Twitter) on Wednesday, a fan brought up how Doja needs to “do something” about her album leak. The 28-year-old then nonchalantly responded, “Idk why you guys care so much about leaks.” She had a few back and forths with fans about why she doesn’t care that some of her new songs arrived online before her full project dropped — until one fan asked her, “which one did you whack Cardi B on?”

Doja denied doing anything of the sort, frustratedly responding:

“none of them get a f**kin life”

There’s the Doja we all know!

The confusion was over a track titled Acknowledge Me. In it, she ultimately clarified it’s Carly Rae Jepsen who she named, and not Cardi B. But the way she raps it, we guess it can kinda sound like either! Man, that could have been the beginning of a whole new rap war!! About the leaks, Doja did eventually reveal her true feelings. She posted:

“No its definitely messed up cuz i wanted to put it out myself but theres nothing i can do about it!! thats just how its gonna be but at least i can just keep being creative and look forward to the awesome things i have coming up!!”

Will YOU be streaming Scarlet 2 Claude?? Let us know down in the comments!

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