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QUIZ: Which Celeb Clapback Queen Are You? Find Out HERE!

Take this quiz to find out which celeb clapback queen you are!

Be prepared to receive what you dish out when it comes to these fiercely defensive celebs!

While social media gives us unprecedented access to the personal lives of some of our favorite stars, fans often forget they’re people too — and sometimes they WILL clap back at your negative, intrusive, and often unwarranted comments if you test them.

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Whether it’s questioning someone’s parenting abilities, their physical appearance, or just straight up being mean for the heck of it, celebs have been on the receiving end of some of the wildest remarks we’ve seen.

But it’s their lethal, public clapbacks that snap us back to reality and remind us that no one — not the President, icky tabloids, random Internet users, or fellow celebs — is exempt from getting their asses handed to them. We can all relate to that feeling!

Are U more of a Chrissy Teigen who puts mommy-shamers in their place on Twitter daily? Or, more of a Nicki Minaj who can cut you down in a few expletives or less? Perhaps, a Rihanna who will mock you so badly you wish you never spoke up to begin with?

Find out by taking our quiz (below)!

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