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Novak Djokovic Got Served! Rafael Nadal Delivers Ace Response To Anti-Vaxxer Being Kept Out Of Australian Open

Novak Djokovic Got Served! Rafael Nadal Delivers Ace Response To Anti-Vaxxer Being Kept Out Of Australian Open

Rafael Nadal had the perfect reaction when rival Novak Djokovic was denied entry into Australia due to him not being vaccinated!

In case you didn’t know, Novak (or No-vaxx as he’s become known in recent months) previously revealed he was “opposed to vaccination” and refused to “be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel.” Well, he’s probably kicking himself at this time since he may not be able to attend the Australian Open thanks to his poor decision.

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Djokovic thought he would get to play in the tournament thanks to a “medical exemption” — but on Wednesday, he was reportedly blocked at the border and told he didn’t have the appropriate documentation that exempts him from the country’s vaccination requirements. Now, whether he gets to stay and play is up in the air.

Following the news, Nadal weighed in on the drama with this epic response:

“I believe in what the people who know about medicine says. If the people says that we need to get vaccinated, we need to get the vaccine. If you are vaccinated, you can play in the Australian Open and everywhere. The world in my opinion [has] been suffering enough to not follow the rules.”

Say it louder for everyone to hear!

And while he may feel “sorry” for him (somewhat), he concluded that Djokovic ultimately knew his decision would have consequences:

“After a lot of people had been dying for two years, my feeling is the vaccine is the only way to stop this pandemic. That’s what the people who understands about this says, and I am [not] one to create a different opinion. I think if (Novak) wanted, he would be playing here in Australia without a problem. Everybody is free to take their own decisions, but then there are some consequences. Of course I don’t like the situation that is happening. In some way I feel sorry for him. But at the same time, he knew the conditions since a lot of months ago.”

Mic drop!!

Novak previously chose to ignore medical professionals in Summer 2020, when he hosted his own tennis tournament with no social distancing or other regulations. The result? He got COVID.

Maybe just listen to the medical experts on this one from now on??

[Image via Oscar Gonzalez/WENN, MEGA/WENN]

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Jan 06, 2022 14:03pm PDT

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