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Cheetah Girls Beef! Raven-Symoné & Kiely Williams Reunite To Open Up About Adrienne Bailon Drama

Raven Symone and Kiely Williams chat about drama with Adrienne Bailon

All this alone time is triggering certain celebs to make amends!!

As we previously shared, Kiely Williams of The Cheetah Girls and 3LW fame caused quite a stir when she brought up old drama with former bandmate Adrienne Bailon Houghton.

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On Thursday, Williams chatted with her former co-star Raven-Symoné about where things stand on an Instagram Live chat, where the That’s So Raven actress shared:

“Because of you I get to talk to you and heal a wound from that time period when we were younger that I probably wouldn’t get to do if I didn’t understand that you know what, you like to shake s**t up.”

Kiely admitted:

“Yeah, I’m a fire starter, for sure. It’s an acquired taste.”

Something many-a-Cheetah Girl fan has wondered is the real reason why Raven did not participate in the group’s third film, The Cheetah Girls: One World, back in 2008. The now-34-year-old explained:

“The cliquish way that there was during that movie made me feel excluded from my original team. Not that it was strong to begin with, but I felt excluded… we have other things that just led up to that moment that just were weird, personal outside of business.”

Kiely did end up apologizing, spilling:

“I would never try to hurt you on purpose.”

Thankfully, it sounds like her fellow Disney alum has moved on from the drama of the past, as Raven shared:

“Well, I appreciate that, sweetheart, and I release any pain towards you that I have, and I cancel, clear and delete it.”

However, she did make note of Kiely’s previous comments accusing Miz Bailon of “pretending to be” her “best friend,” insisting they clear things up, too:

“You’ve gotta talk to Adrienne, dude.”

Sadly, issues run fairly deep for the songstress, who confessed hurt feelings in regards to her father’s death:

“No, she didn’t come to my dad’s funeral or call me when he died. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be messy. I’m being for real with you, no. I’m sorry, I love you. I swear to God, nope. Come on. You can say what you want about me and how you felt about me, but you can’t ever say that I didn’t ride for Adrienne. You can’t say that. I didn’t do anything!”

Raven attempted to bring Kiely back down from her rant, agreeing it wasn’t right for Adrienne to not show up for her at a hard time, but shared her wisdom regardless:

“But I still talk to her because the history that we have for one another is so thick, she knows a part of you that nobody else knows. But y’all prideful asses need to calm down, take a pill for a second and say, ‘I’m pissed at you, but let’s talk about it.’ Just like I said with you. ‘I’m pissed about it, but let’s get it out like grown women.'”

It’s unclear where things will go from here, considering Kiely did NOT commit to hashing things out with Adrienne herself, but let’s hope they’re able to work through these past issues!! One thing is for sure, we can rule out a reunion ever happening. Ahead of her Insta Live chat with Williams, Miz Symoné told ET:

“It’s just, real girl groups have their moments, imagine a fake one.”

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Thoughts on this wild drama, Perezcious readers?? We wonder where fellow Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan falls in this mess… other than obvi having her “bestie” Kiely’s side…

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