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Joe Francis is still in jail. Kinda crazy, considering the fact that he’s super rich and his trial(s) haven’t even begun yet.
However, a little thing called incarceration is not going to stop the Girls Gone Wild impresario from expanding his empire.
Though he’s been languishing in jail for almost a year, Francis is launching a new GGW magazine on April 15th, tax day.
Girls Gone Wild magazine is a glossy lifestyle pub “aimed at the GGW demographic.”
Will there be lots of tits and ass???
He may have time to start a magazine, but Francis hasn’t had the opportunity to review more than 22,000 pages of evidence behind bars and assist in his defense.
He’s asking that his April trial on tax charges be postponed until August. A hearing on the motion is scheduled Friday.
Francis is working overtime to get his ass out of jail. He’s also recently hired pricey new lawyers. He may be pretty close to an exit from prison.
While a federal magistrate has approved conditions for bail in the tax case in Nevada, one sticking point is a requirement that he resolve the no-bail detainer against him in Florida, where he’s wanted on some charges against female minors.
Good luck with that!

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Feb 21, 2008 15:12pm PDT

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