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RHOP’s Mia Thornton Reveals She’s A Victim Of Sexual Assault -- And Blames Jacqueline Blake?!

RHOP Mia Thornton Assault Blames Friend Jacqueline Blake

Mia Thornton is opening up — and breaking down.

During Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, the girls went to Karen Huger’s Promoting Awareness Victims Empowerment (PAVE) luncheon — a nonprofit that works to help prevent sexual assault and empower survivors. And for Mia, it turned out to be a “triggering” event.

During one attendee’s emotional performance, the 39-year-old stood up and hurried to the bathroom in tears, attempting to console herself:

“Oh, Mia, you can do it. You can do it. You got this. You got this.”

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Her co-star Ashley Darby followed her asking if she’s okay, saying she didn’t know “something happened” to her. Mia responded:

“Yeah, it’s something that I battle with a lot. I almost didn’t come.”

She continued:

“This whole what we’re doing, is triggering. It’s my coping mechanism to get the f**k out when s**t is uncomfortable. You know what I mean? And unfortunately, that day, I couldn’t get out, you know? And it’s just like, Mia, why didn’t you just leave? Why didn’t you just, like just why did you put yourself in that situation.”

That poor woman.

The reality star then revealed she holds resentment towards her longtime friend Jacqueline Blake — because she allegedly “left” her with her assaulter. She explained through tears:

“I know I’m a f**ked up friend to her because of it, and it’s not fair to her. She didn’t know that was gonna happen to me. She trusted her boyfriend, she trusted him. You know, I get it. And when she came back the next day, she was so scared. She’s like, ‘Mia, what happened to you?'”

She added that she’s wanted to forgive her friend, it’s just a very emotional and traumatic area of her life:

“Because Jacqueline did leave me that night and because of the sequence of events that happened once she left, I think over the years I’ve wanted to forgive her … When I look back, I probably have always been a little meaner to her because of it. And that doesn’t make it right. It’s just an emotional thing that I think a lot of people do. We don’t even realize it until we look back and see it.”

Poor Mia. She’s clearly still going through a difficult battle. But in the presence of other survivors could potentially be a very healing place for her to be.

We’re sending her love and strength! Share some support in the comments down below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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