Paula Patton Is No Longer Seeking Sole Custody Of Her Son Vs. Ex Robin Thicke — Wait, What?!

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This is… interesting.

Sources are reporting that Paula Patton is no longer seeking sole custody of her son Julian — and she’s actually not seeking any level of custody right now, because she’s just trying to figure out what is wrong with the child.

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According to the report, after a judge just dropped an order on Robin Thicke to stay at least 100 yards away from the six-year-old, Paula, and her mother, Ms. Patton has sole physical and legal custody, at least for the time.

But the final custody arrangement is where things would get far more complicated: TMZ claims that Patton is so concerned over what may be wrong with Julian that she still doesn’t know what a final custody arrangement could look like.

Julian is apparently acting out in bizarre ways, and after his school officials reported to Paula that the six-year-old said his father had been spanking him hard, the boy has been “freaking out,” hyperventilating, and having other bizarre reactions.

For now, he’s in therapy so Patton can figure out what happened to him — and until they know more, it doesn’t appear she’ll make a full-fledge custody plan.


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All around, this whole issue is just… tough to read.

For what it’s worth, Thicke has denied all allegations of physical or mental abuse, arguing that Paula is conveniently bringing it all up right on the heels of their custody issue.


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Jan 29, 2017 12:19pm PDT