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JoJo Siwa Is Crapping All Over Dance Moms Now!

JoJo Siwa Is Crapping All Over Dance Moms!

JoJo Siwa has some harsh thoughts on her Dance Moms days.

During Monday’s episode of her JoJo Siwa Now podcast, the 20-year-old reflected on her Hollywood beginnings in Lifetime’s Dance Moms. But she’s not necessarily looking back with rose-colored glasses… In the Dance Moms-focused podcast episode, she explained:

“Today, we are kind of going back to, not necessarily how it started for me and how I became a public human being.”

She went on:

“But something that I think really was detrimental to my career and was massive for me, which was Dance Moms.”

DAYUM! “Detrimental”?? We mean, isn’t that how she became so well known? It’s the thing that MADE her! How did it hurt her career? Man, why is it becoming a trend for celebs to bash on what gave them careers?

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Oddly, JoJo didn’t really expand on that particular thought, but she did say being on the show was “a lot of tears, a lot of blood, a lot of sweat.” She also called it “the biggest blessing” of her “entire life”:

“[Dance Moms was a] massive part of my career that I will always and forever be so freaking grateful for.”

Wait, didn’t she just say it was “detrimental” to her career?? We’re getting whiplash by how quick she’s switching up! Lolz!

Elsewhere, she called the reunion “a mixed bag of bones,” which wasn’t the case for the original show. Fans will know she left at the end of Season 6 after signing a deal with Nickelodeon, which was “very tough” to do. She said:

“I could have been [on Dance Moms] longer, I should have been there longer, I wanted to be there longer. I think leaving Dance Moms while I still loved it was the best decision.”

Well, it sounds like she has pretty complicated feelings towards the show, to say the least… Just like she seems to have towards Abby Lee Miller, as well!

Thoughts?? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Billboard & Lifetime/YouTube]

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May 09, 2024 12:50pm PDT

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