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Romeo Beckham & Girlfriend Mia Regan Break Up After 5 YEARS! And It's Actually So Funny!

Romeo Beckham Girlfriend Mia Regan Breakup

Is this the cutest breakup we’ve ever seen? And from people so young…

Sadly, Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan have split after 5 years together. That already sounds like a long time, but when you consider they’re both just 21 years old you get a better picture of just how much of their lives they’ve spent together!

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And yet, there doesn’t seem to be any bitterness at all if you go by their social media announcements. Romeo posted on his Instagram Stories on Sunday:

“Mooch and I have parted ways after 5 years of love. We still have a lot of love and respect for each other, and still hold a strong friendship and always will.”

Such a mature response… coupled with the most immature pic of the two he could find!

Romeo Beckham Mia Regan breakup 1
(c) Romeo Beckham/Instragram


And Mia wrote:

“This is Ro, we have grown up with each other since we were 16. Love takes different forms & pupates as you mature. We aren’t [together] romantically but we do share lots of love for one another.”

Proving just how much they’re laughing this off, she added:

“After 5 years, we friendzoned each other heheh”

Romeo Beckham Mia Regan breakup 2
(c) Mia Regan/Instagram

Awww! We love how much these kids prove you can break up without all the drama! #BreakupGoals??

[Image via Romeo Beckham/Instagram.]

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Feb 26, 2024 10:25am PDT

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