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Watch Roseanne Barr Apologize On Live TV To Valerie Jarrett -- And Then Immediately Insult Her Hair

Trash, trash, trash.
Roseanne Barr went on Sean Hannity‘s nightly Fox News presidential blow job political show on Thursday, and in her first TV interview since the whole racist tweet controversy, she managed to AGAIN put her foot in her mouth!
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After a weak-ass apology to the woman who suffered Barr’s original racist tweetValerie Jarrett, adviser to former President Barack Obama — the particularly un-funny comedian decided to double down on her lack of humor by… insulting Jarrett’s hair?!
Roseanne, have you learned NOTHING from the last couple months??
No, seriously — watch the whole thing unfold (above)! What a garbage comment!
Thoughts?! Ridiculous, right?!

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Jul 27, 2018 09:51am PDT