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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Called Lazy 'Grifters' By Spotify Exec After Deal Ends!

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Called Lazy Grifters Bill Simmons Spotify

On Friday some bombshell news dropped about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Or should we say there was a bombshell about being “dropped”?

The former royals’ $20 million deal with Spotify came to an end, though it’s not totally clear what happened. While some Harry and Meghan sources say they were looking to branch out from the streaming network, others claim it was Spotify who canned the Sussexes!

According to those insiders, the company was unhappy they were paying out so much for a single podcast. After three years, Harry and Meghan had only launched a single show, Archetypes. And while it was a big hit, that’s a LOT of money for one hit podcast! Back in 2021, before Archetypes, when it had been over a year with ZERO content, we heard very similar rumblings. So we’re inclined to believe it was the company who was unhappy and not vice versa.

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Well, we got another big indicator it was Spotify who was unhappy on Friday. After news broke of the breakup, Bill Simmons weighed in on his own podcast! The sportscaster isn’t just a fellow podcaster, he’s also Spotify’s head of international sports content. So we’d expect he might have a bit more insight than most. And he raked the Sussexes over the coals, blasting them for being “lazy”! He even implied they had scammed Spotify for all that money without ever giving anything back, mocking:

“‘The f**king grifters.’ That’s the podcast we shoulda launched with them.”


It’s not the first time we’ve heard the “lazy” accusation. In particular they were seen as unproductive compared to the Obamas, who — over the course of two years, put out The Michelle Obama Podcast and Renegades: Born in the USA, a series where Barack Obama had long talks with Bruce Springsteen.

If Harry and Meghan were getting so much money for so little work, why not do that work?? We mean, it’s not like they had to edit or book the podcasts or anything. All they needed to do was come up with ideas, show up, and talk, and everyone would have been happy! Right? No offense, but they couldn’t do better than a single show? They have so many interests and passions…

Just off the top of our heads, how about a show where they do a sort of double dates with other A-list celeb couples? It would help folks to relate to them. Or a show where environmental experts come on and teach them things? Heck, they could have done a Suits rewatch podcast, and million people would have tuned in! Probably more people than watched Suits!

What do YOU think of Bill Simmons’ jab? Is he right??

[Image via Bill Simmons/Netflix/YouTube.]

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Jun 17, 2023 16:47pm PDT