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Royal Aides Are SO DONE With Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: ‘You Shouldn’t Have The Titles’

Royal Aides Are SO DONE With Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: ‘You Shouldn’t Have The Titles’

Palace aides reportedly think it’s time for Prince Harry to give up his title after trashing the royal family in his latest interview.

In case you missed it, the 36-year-old appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, where he compared life as a prince as “a mix between The Truman Show” and “being in a zoo.” The Duke of Sussex also bashed Prince Charles’ parenting skills, saying that he wanted to “break” the cycle of “genetic pain and suffering” with his and Meghan Markle’s children. He explained:

“There’s no blame. I don’t think we should be pointing the finger or blaming anybody. But certainly when it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure that I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on. There’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway. We as parents should be doing the most we can to try and say, ‘You know what? That happened to me. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.’”

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YIKES! Yeah, there is no coming back from this… It will probably take a miracle and a half to repair the relationship in the future — if they ever want to that is.

This is also not the first time the prince has put his dad on blast. As you know, Harry and Meghan accused the family of racism, with someone expressing concerns over how dark baby Archie’s skin might be. While they didn’t name names, many people believed the comment was made by either Princess Anne, Prince William, or Charles.

While Harry opened about his mental health issues, the message has apparently fallen on deaf ears as the palace is enraged by the new accusations. According to The Mail on Sunday, a source said many folks in the palace feel a sense of “bewilderment and betrayal,” adding:

“People are appalled that he could do this to the Queen when the Duke of Edinburgh is barely in his grave. To drag his grandfather into this is so shocking and disrespectful. The Duke of Sussex has now spent a significant amount of time emphasizing that he’s no different to anyone else and attacking the institution which he says has caused him so much pain. There is a growing feeling that if you dislike the institution that much, you shouldn’t have the titles.”

Another insider reiterated a similar sentiment to the publication, saying:

“They should put the titles into abeyance, so they still exist, but are not used, like they agreed to do with their HRHs. They should just become Harry and Meghan. And if they refuse to do that, they have to explain why not.”

In case you didn’t know, the couple actually has given up their titles as His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness after breaking away from the royal household and moving to California. However, there have been no formal moves to strip Harry and Meghan of their other monikers despite obvious pressure to do so.

We will have to wait and see if this will gain any sort of traction. Either way, it sure will make for a really awkward reunion (part 2) in July when the family comes together for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s new statue.

Do U think Meghan and Harry would ever give up their official titles? Let us know in the comments (below).

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