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Ryan Dorsey Reveals Naya Rivera's Dog Passed Away: 'Keep Mommy Company'

Ryan Dorsey Reveals Naya Rivera's Dog Passed Away: 'Keep Mommy Company'

Ryan Dorsey is mourning the loss of a major tie he still had to the late Naya Rivera.

Late on Sunday evening, the Big Sky star took to Instagram to share the sad news  his dog Emmy has passed away. And even more sad? She was the dog he and Naya got together nearly 10 years ago.

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He posted a somber slideshow of photos from across Emmy’s lifetime set to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole‘s cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, sharing glimpses of Naya and the son they share, Josey. He wrote in a lengthy tribute:

“Josey and I came home from opening day for baseball and came to find Emmy at her final resting place, on the bathroom floor laid up next to her older sister Lucy. Her heart beat all it could and she lived a good life. She would’ve been 10 this summer…It’s been a tough weekend.”

That’s so gut-wrenching. And SO sad to come home to discover. He continued:

“Oh my sweet sweet babygirl, Emmy. I remember the day we picked you up. We drove just north of San Diego to meet you. You were the runt of the litter. The last one left. You already had the name of an award so we didn’t even change it. Emmy you were. Aka Emmington Brown aka Sweet Baby Emmers… I remember your real mommy following us to the door as I carried you out in my arms alongside your new mommy. Driving out of the gravel parking lot, I remember crying as I bucked up and started the engine. I was happy to have you but I was also sad about taking you from your mom the way she followed us out. But hey this is the dog slangin’ business and I wiped those tears and hit the 5 North back to LA and you were ours now.”

The 40-year-old added:

“Lucy wasn’t happy to see you but she finally warmed up to you, it might’ve a few years, but who’s counting? You were the sweetest and most quiet dog. I would take you to set with me and people would barely know you were in the trailer. They’d call me to set, I’d leave, you never barked or anything. You didn’t give a shit. On walks if a dog barked at you or walked up to you to say whats up — you paid them no mind, you kept your eyes up, and your head down — so what if you were deaf — you were the s**t. You were my road dog. We went everywhere together, and you could sleep like no dog’s business.”

Finally, he noted that the pooch had been there for him through difficult times — like the passing of Naya:

“You were my emotional support animal through it all. I’m gonna miss you Emmers. You were one of the good ones. I could say so much more but I know you never had an Instagram — but you were so cool, I know you never gave a s**t about IG tributes so I’ll wrap it up. Thank you for all the love and cuddles.”

He finished up with the most devastating yet heartwarming conclusion:

“Keep mommy company and we’ll see you on the other side of the . Weyou.”

Awww! Poor Ryan! Our hearts are with him during this difficult time. Rest easy, Emmy.

[Images via Ryan Dorsey/Instagram]

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