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Scorpions On A Plane! This Real Life Horror Story May Put You Off Flying FOREVER!

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It’s like something out of a SyFy original creature feature! Except this happened for real!
A flight was about to depart from LAX to Portland on Saturday night, when a woman was stung in her seat — BY A SCORPION!
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Flight attendants killed the arachnid, but it was too late for the poor passenger who had already been stung!
The plane returned to the gate, where the passenger was examined by medics.
The woman seemed to be OK and forewent any additional medical treatment — but she also didn’t get back on that plane!
After a quick check of the overhead compartments for more creepy crawlies, the flight went ahead as scheduled, though about an hour late.
After deboarding in Portland, the aircraft was thoroughly searched and no more scorpions were found.
An Alaska Airlines spokesman said they had no idea how the scorpion got onboard in the first place but noted that the flight originated in Mexico.
[Image via @MEPOSU/Twitter.]

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Feb 16, 2015 13:12pm PDT

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