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Scott Disick Doesn't Follow Amelia Hamlin On Instagram -- And Fans Have OPINIONS!

Scott Disick Amelia Hamlin Follow Instagram

In the age of social media we often look at follows as gauges of interest — unfollows in particular, among couples, are often a silent sign of breakups even if the couples haven’t said anything official.

But what does it mean when one half of a couple never starts following the other?? We just learned Scott Disick doesn’t follow Amelia Hamlin!

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After Amelia posted pics of the couple on a date to her Instagram Stories on Sunday — even going so far as to call the newly blonde Disick her “dream man” — some eagle-eyed fans were quick to note the father of three would not be seeing the sweet pics, nor the myriad sexy ones she was also posting. BECAUSE HE DOESN’T FOLLOW HER!

As some fans quipped in the comments of a @BestofBravo IG post collecting all the Story pics:

“Girl he don’t even follow you on IG”

“He doesn’t even follow her on insta!!”

“Amelia Hamlin posting scott disick on her insta story with the caption ‘my dream man’ and he doesn’t even follow her is so f**king funny just absolute LA f**kboy peakness”

We had never noticed so of course had to check immediately — and it’s true! Scott never bother following the Instagram model despite their burgeoning relationship, something many have taken as a red flag the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star is just not that into her.

As another wrote in the comments:

“What bothers me the most other than his s**t hair is that it’s obvious she’s way into him and he’s just into himself. She’s young and def gonna end up hurt.”

Dang! Amelia clearly saw the judgments; the 19-year-old responded, writing about the relationship criticism:

“everyone can calm down”


On the one hand, those commenters certainly don’t know Amelia or her 37-year-old boyfriend personally, nor have they experienced what their relationship is like firsthand. On the other… there are some signs, and people are reading them. The lack of an IG follow is a big one. It’s not like Lord Disick is some old guy who doesn’t understand social media. It’s where he lives, he definitely knows what it communicates.

Then there’s the KUWTK clips coming out every few days in which the story line for Scott and Kourtney Kardashian so far has clearly been advertised as an OPP nostalgia fest. We mean, the sisters wishing they would get back together, Scott telling Kourt he would marry her

It really does make one wonder if Amelia and Travis Barker are just pawns being used by the exes as they continue their dance leading inexorably back toward one another. What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts? How important would an IG follow be to YOU??

[Image via Amelia Hamlin/Scott Disick/Instagram.]

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Mar 02, 2021 14:46pm PDT