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Sean Penn Thinks Will Smith Oscars Slap Wouldn't Have Happened If Ukraine President Was Allowed To Speak?! HUH??

Sean Penn Thinks Will Smith Oscars Slap Wouldn't Have Happened If Ukraine President Was Allowed To Speak?! HUH??

Sean Penn is still furious with Will Smith for his Oscars outburst!

As we all know, the 2022 Academy Awards was interrupted by the slap heard ’round the world. While the King Richards star was shunned from the awards show and blackballed (for a bit) in the industry, Sean doesn’t think he was punished enough!

In a chat with Variety out on Wednesday, the actor — who is promoting his new doc Superpower about the Ukraine-Russia war — argued the whole thing would have been avoided if Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy had been allowed to give a speech at the prestigious event. He complained:

“The Oscars producer thought: ‘Oh, [Zelenskiy is] not light-hearted enough.’ Well, guess what you got instead? Will Smith!”

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But he’s not just upset by the violence displayed on live TV. In fact, he’s more furious Will wasn’t punished as much as he was for a 1987 incident in which he was convicted for reckless driving and punching an extra on a film set when he was in his 20s! Sean continued:

“I don’t know Will Smith. I met him once. He seemed very nice when I met him … So why the f**k did you just spit on yourself and everybody else with this stupid f**king thing? Why did I go to f**king jail for what you just did? And you’re still sitting there? Why are you guys standing and applauding his worst moment as a person? This f**king bullshit wouldn’t have happened with Zelenskyy. Will Smith would never have left that chair to be part of stupid violence. It never would have happened.”

If you’re not familiar with Penn’s problematic past, he spent 33 days of a 60-day sentence in prison for spitting on and punching an extra on the set of Colors. The whole thing sounded more violent than the slap (which, of course, was also uncalled for), but there’s also another big difference between the incidents. Chris Rock declined to press charges! So, Will wasn’t facing legal consequences for his actions. Still, Sean’s salty about it!

The 63-year-old went on to confirm that he gave his Oscar trophies to Zelenskyy in November — after promising to “smelt” them if the prez wasn’t invited to speak during the show. He explained:

“I thought, well, f**k, you know? I’ll give them to Ukraine. They can be melted down to bullets they can shoot at the Russians.”

Wow! He certainly feels strongly about this!

Reactions?! Do U think Will should have faced jail time? Are you on Sean’s side, or nah??

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