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Selma Blair's Boyfriend 'Strangled' Her & Called Her A 'Cripple'?! The SHOCKING Domestic Violence Arrest Details!

Selma Blair Boyfriend Restraining Order Ronald Carlson Domestic Violence Arrest

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Who the f**king f**k DARES to touch Selma Blair?!?

According to a shocking new report from TMZ, the Cruel Intentions alum has been granted a protective order against her (now former) boyfriend Ron Carlson after he was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence with corporal injury.

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Per the docs, she and Carlson had recently broken up, and he was over dropping off a TV set at her place. Selma says she told him she was feeling ill because of her multiple sclerosis medication, and that his frustration led him to launch into a verbal attack in which he said:

“You f**ked up, you can’t do anything, you can’t love anybody, you’re f**king useless, you cripple.”

Wow. How is that even possible? How could someone seem worthy enough for Selma Blair to date them and also be that much of a monster to say that to her??

But that’s not all. She alleges he followed up with:

“I don’t f**king deserve this, I can do so much better than you.”

Selma claims Ron got so upset over the course of the fight that things got physical and he lunged at her while she was lying on the sofa, held her down, “and strangled her, throttling her and shaking her head and shoulders aggressively.” She says she was able to stick her fingers in his eyes and mouth defensively, but he responded by covering her mouth with his hands, causing her to lose consciousness.

When police arrived, they questioned both of them — and during her interview, she got a nosebleed and passed out again, leading EMTs to bring her to the hospital to be examined. The Hellboy star even shared photos of her injuries: a scar below her chin and a big, nasty bruise on her ribs. You can see them HERE.

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Police arrested Carlson then and there, even filing their own 5-day restraining order to keep him away. After that ended she had her lawyer get another temporary order. In a surprise response, Carlson has filed for a restraining order of his own two weeks later. On Wednesday he went to court claiming the fight started when she asked him to sit next to her, and since they’d both been sick, he said no. He says she was the one who got “angry and antagonistic,” getting in his face and provoking him, yelling:

“Your daughter is a f**king loser.”

He claims she was the one who attacked him, punching him and scratching his face — and defensively he pushed her away.

As for the bloody nose, he says that had nothing to do with him but was a medical issue she’d been dealing with for days. He even shared a text message she’d sent him showing her nose bleeding days earlier.

Man, this is so messy.

The pair seemed so in love, too! They first dated for about six months back in 2017 before splitting in January 2018. But in 2020 they reunited and had been going strong for over two years. We mean, look, she was calling herself “the luckiest woman” for being with this guy!

So how did they get from there to the awful place they’re in now??

[Image via Selma Blair/Ronald Carlson/Instagram.]

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