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Missing 4-Year-Old Serenity McKinney's Mother & Her Boyfriend Arrested -- But She’s Still Nowhere To Be Found!

Missing 4-Year-Old Serenity McKinney's Mother & Her Boyfriend Arrested – But She’s Still Nowhere To Be Found!

There’s been a surprising new development in the search for missing 4-year-old Serenity Ann McKinney.

As we’ve reported, the little girl from Kentucky has not been seen by extended family since December 24, 2020. She reportedly spoke on the phone with her grandmother around Father’s Day but did not specify her location. After months of her mother Catherine “Abby” McKinney and her mother’s boyfriend Dakota Hill allegedly keeping the little girl away from the rest of the family, those estranged family members reported her missing last week.

The oddest thing about this case isn’t even that she’s been considered missing for so long, but that her parents have allegedly refused to help in the investigation! Why in the world would they not want their child found safely? And if she isn’t missing, then why wouldn’t they come forward and just prove that to the rest of the family? It’s truly mind-boggling and so, so sad. Unfortunately, it’s looking more heartbreaking by the minute.

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On Wednesday, Abby and Dakota were arrested in Thomas County, Kansas following warrants that were ordered on Sunday in their home state. Both adults are currently in police custody and are waiting to be transferred to Kentucky. According to People, they were arrested and charged with one count each of Custodial Interference.

Despite their arrests, neither has provided any more information on Serenity’s whereabouts and she was nowhere to be found when authorities apprehended them. This is especially concerning considering the child’s grandparents have claimed that it was her mother’s anti-social behavior keeping her away from everyone else. It also does not sound like there is a biological father in the picture. So, if she wasn’t with her mom, then where is she??

Hours before learning about the couple’s arrest, Serenity’s grandmother Melody Roller spoke to The Sun about her harrowing disappearance, saying emotionally:

“My gut tells me she has to be OK. Serenity has to be OK. She’s going to come home.”

We hope!!

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She went on to stress:

“We’re going to find her. We have to. There’s no way around this. We don’t know where she’s at but we have to find her.”

Previously, the family has stated that they believe the girl could be in danger. Currently, a Facebook group and True Crime Replay have been helping the search. While McKinney’s location is unknown, her family has been looking in the Shelby, Jefferson, and Bullitt County areas. The Attorney General’s Special Victims Unit is also working alongside the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky State Police, and the United States Secret Service to find answers. So many people looking for this child — we hope they can find her ASAP!

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at 502-633-4324.

[Image via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office/Thomas County Jail]

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