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Did Seth Rogen WARN US About Jonah Hill?!

Seth Rogen Warned Jonah Hill Terrible Hot Ones Interview 2019

Over the past few days we’ve heard so many distressing things about Jonah Hill.

The 21 Jump Street star’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady had an epiphany that he’d been a controlling, emotionally abusive “narcissist” through their relationship — and decided to dish the receipts. She posted proof he’d used all sorts of therapy language to essentially demand she stop posting swimsuit pics (despite being a pro surfer) and speaking to other men entirely. Gross. Then of course there’s the allegations by Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas. That’s far worse, and you can read all about it HERE.

But it turns out this sudden villain turn for Jonah Hill may not have been as out of nowhere as we thought…

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Fans are now remembering an interview one-time frequent co-star Seth Rogen did a few years ago where it seems he might have let on what a POS Jonah was. It was in 2019, and he and Charlize Theron did a join Hot Ones “Truth or Dab” video to promote their rom com Long Shot. The question Sean Evans asked was:

“It’s time to pull back the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes. Of the following actors, which one is the most difficult to work with and why?”

Before he could even offer a multiple choice, Seth immediately, no hesitation answered:

“Jonah Hill.”

Not even an internal debate. Rogen had that answer ON HAND. And the man worked with James Franco for years, too. And he knew the worst guy was Jonah?? Wow!

See the truly spicy resurfaced interview moment (below):

[Image via Hot Ones/GQ/YouTube/Sarah Brady/Instagram.]

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