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Charmed Feud Explained?! Alyssa Milano Caused 'Weird Divide' Between Shannen Doherty & Holly Marie Combs!

Shannen Doherty Charmed Alyssa Milano Feud Holly Marie Combs Explained

Shannen Doherty continues to give zero effs, and we love her for it!

The 90210 alum has been dishing all the dirt on her new podcast Let’s Be Clear. Amid her aggressive cancer battle, this will serve as an oral memoir. And like most Hollywood memoirs, there’s a lot of DRAMA!

In the latest chapter, er, episode… Shannen brought on her Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs to hash out some nearly two-decade-old issues. And it’s clear she ain’t over all of it! Not the stuff with their other TV sister, Alyssa Milano.

It’s well known Shannen left the show after just three of its eventual eight seasons — reportedly due to personal conflicts with her co-stars! Well, now the Heathers star is explaining what happened!

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Shannen says the friction was there from the start as there was, as with all too many shows, the pitfall that one cast member could be seen as the star:

“I think it was also — 3 women on a show– supposed to, in its own way, be an ensemble, but I was cast first. The show was originally sold to The WB based on me, so obviously that’s gonna be there, that’s just natural. But once those magazine covers started happening and one person is being asked the other one isn’t — and I experienced this on 90210 as well, the cover of Rolling Stone and everyone was super mad at me because I did the cover of Rolling Stone and didn’t request everybody else. It’s the cover of Rolling Stone, I’m not saying no to it.”

We mean, fair! LOLz! She said in those early Charmed days she could see the competitiveness rearing its ugly head, specifically with herself and Alyssa. She maintains she never cared about her co-stars getting a magazine cover in those days, but someone did:

“But there was a competitiveness with Alyssa. I heard that she addressed it in her book. Obviously, I’m never reading her book because it’s titled Sorry Not Sorry — so right there, you know, it tells me like you’re not freaking sorry, like why have you mentioned something in that case?”

Oh damn! There is still beef there! Why?

Well, the competitiveness went beyond stardom. Shannen says Alyssa tried to claim Holly all to herself, too! Her go-to example of the Who’s The Boss alum “trying to pull you away from me”? Holly had a tumor removed around the filming of Season 2, in 1998. She recalls Alyssa and her mom trying to block people:

“I waited 24 hours after your surgery to go and then it wasn’t even easy for me to get in. I was being told I couldn’t even get in. Alyssa and her mom, they were blocking people from seeing you and at the time.”

Wait, WHAT?! They were blocking her from seeing her friend?? According to Shannen, Holly had no idea that was happening — she was being made to believe her onscreen sister didn’t care!

“You didn’t know. And I remember you texted me and were like, ‘Dude, are you gonna come to see me?’ And I could feel like you’re you know, your pain of feeling like I had abandoned you, but I also felt like my anger at the situation of not being allowed to come see you… And like how a sort of family had like swooped in and caused like this sort of weird divide between the two of us that then continued throughout Season 2 — where I think I cried every single night of Season 2.”

Whoa! That is messed up if true!

Holly agreed Alyssa’s family “swooped in” — and that it worked!

“I was raised by teenage parents that didn’t have a big family. So you’re right, when a family swooped in and tried to adopt me, it was very seductive for me.”

Dang! Holly was much more generous to Alyssa, saying ultimately about the feuding:

“There were no angels, there were no demons, we all had bad days, we all had good days, we all could have behaved better at certain points.”

LOLz! No angels and no demons is a pretty funny way to put it when you consider what show they’re talking about! You can listen to the whole episode HERE.

What do YOU think about that story, Perezcious readers? Did Alyssa really purposely drive a wedge between Shannen and Holly? And how about Shannen and Alyssa not making up in all those years since? Wow! The Halliwells never did reconcile. It’s not too late… but it might be close, y’all.

[Image via David Livingston/PNP/WENN/Spelling Television/YouTube.]

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