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She Doesn't Look Pregnant To Us

All we can say is, “Thank God!”
The last thing this world needs right now is another spawn of Kevin Federline. Four is enough! (Yup, he’s got two with that one and two with the former pop star).
Threatening legal action against Star magazine for running multiple stories that she was sperminated with K-Fed’s fifth bay, Shar Jackson showed off her cosmetically enhanced svelte figure at the Hollywood premiere of Ratatouille this past weekend.
Can you imagine Tater Tot asking Britney to go see that movie?
TT: Mom, I wanna go see Ratatouille!
BS: What does that mean? Ratatouille? I don’t know that word.
TT: That’s not hard, momma. You’re a dumb white ho! Love ya!

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Jun 24, 2007 12:40pm PDT

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