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SHEIN Shopper Allegedly Finds 'Vial Of Human Blood' In Order!!

SHEIN Shopper Allegedly Finds ‘Vial Of Human Blood’ In Order!!

This is crazy and concerning AF!

A SHEIN shopper took to TikTok after opening her package to allegedly find an unidentified vile of… HUMAN BLOOD! WTF?! TikToker Anna Marie “ordered dresses” from the fast fashion company, but got an unexpected surprise when she opened the shipment! She revealed on Tuesday:

“So I just received a package from SHEIN that contained a vile of human blood from a testing company that had no name, no doctor’s office, no date. The lady from the testing company said they’re trying to track it down. She said that it was completely mishandled. They don’t even ship to residences, they only ship blood back and forth between doctors. And she said even if it was a blood sample, it would’ve had to have been refrigerated and it wasn’t. So just totally odd.”

Odd is an understatement!!! Because along with the unexplained blood sample, she also got a can of beans. So weird!

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Anna contacted the CDC which is “filing a report” and “looking into it because it’s a major biohazard.” A local Sheriff’s department also took the vile for testing, and they will reach out to the CDC “if they find anything concerning.” The stressed shopper then urged all her followers to take extra precautions when opening anything from the company. OOF!!! Hear more about the shocking finding (below)!


Just ordered dresses from SHEIN and the package came with an unidentified human blood sample #foryoupage #fyp #shein #sheinhorrorstories #cdc #biohazard

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The video was quickly viewed more than six million times. Users poured in concerns and shared similar horror stories in the comments, writing:

“I never ordered from them, but this is terrifying”

“Well, that’s concerning”

“I’ve stopped purchasing from shein for years now, just from the strange happenings I’ve been hearing as well”

“i had a tampon fall out of one of mine. it wasnt used but it was crazy”

“2 years ago I had a tooth fall out of the SHEIN package that I ordered and then my local police department tested it it was human and I don’t know what happened after, I just know it was sent off.”

“I found a dirty [bloody] bandaid in my shein package a little while ago! I went back and forth with shein to try and figure out what’s going on and got nowhere. And I had express shipping as well”

“Lol I once got a LIVE anole lizard in my shien”

“This happened to me, but with bugs! They wouldn’t send me a refund or do anything about it. There was over 200 bugs in my clothing and I opened my stuff IN BED.”

What in the world?!?!

In a second TikTok video, Anna shared photos of the blood sample as well as a needle, which a friend found in a separate package in August 2023. So, suspicious things have been happening under the radar for a LONG time!


@SHEIN is denying that they have anything to do with it. And the @CDC.govOfficial is refusing to help me and to stop the Sherrif from destroying the blood sample before they can test it.

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Interestingly, the clothing company reached out to the shopper after the video went viral and personally called her to discuss the issue. She later said they are “denying that they have anything to do with it” but are still actively investigating. The shopper now blames FedEx, who she believes may be part of the problem but hasn’t offered to help her yet. The lab, however, verified that the blood was from someone’s “cancer screening.” Hmm… Here’s to hoping she’ll get more answers as to how this mishap occurred!

For what it’s worth, SHEIN has been put in the hot seat for years now amid allegations of violating Chinese labor laws, causing environmental damage, and concerns for worker’s rights. And now this?!? Super problematic!

Reactions? Have you ever received something strange in the mail like this? Tell us (below)!

[Image via SHEIN/YouTube]

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