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Was Siegfried & Roy Tiger Attack Actually Attempted Murder?! New Podcast Digs In...

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This is wild!

Most people will remember the tragic tiger attack that ended the careers of legendary stage duo Siegfried and Roy, who were known for their spellbinding illusions and use of exotic animals over their 40-year career. In 2003, Roy Horn was critically injured after one of his and partner Siegfried Fischbacher’s white tigers attacked him during a show at The Mirage hotel-casino in Las Vegas, leaving him partially paralyzed and using a wheelchair.

Many brushed off the attack as a simple accident, because, well… tigers. But Apple TV’s new podcast The Wild Things is now investigating another theory: some believe the attack was intentionally provoked!

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While speaking to the New York Post, journalist Steven Leckart teased the conspiracy theories that someone may have instigated the tiger. He shared:

“There were theories that it was not an accident and that somebody triggered the tiger. It was viewed as a potential hate crime. [Authorities] have to explore lots of possibilities, no matter how far-fetched. Motives that were explored seemed bananas — and they are.”

Crazy! And criminal — if true that would be attempted murder!

During an appearance on the podcast, Michael Game — the detective with the Las Vegas Counter-Terrorism unit who was investigating the incident — went into detail about how officials wondered whether the tiger could have been responding to a scent sprayed into the air. He explained:

“Trust me, you’re always looking at other motives other than the number one thing everyone thinks occurred, otherwise you’re going to miss something… Did someone in the audience do something to cause the animal to react differently than it was known to react? … Was there a disgruntled employee? That’s what you’re looking for – was there any strong odors? Animal pheromones that would make them react in a certain way?”

The night of the accident, the tiger, Mantecore, missed his mark on stage, and reportedly grew confused as Roy pulled him back from the front row. The animal grabbed at Roy’s arm before the performer swatted his microphone on the animal’s head.

After that, Mantecore put his paw on Horn’s foot, making the performer trip backwards. The tiger then pounced onto Roy’s neck and dragged him 30 feet off stage.

Throughout the investigation, Game continuously wondered if the attack was an inside job, noting:

“There were people on stage that worked there that mentioned the tiger sneezed. I think that’s why they thought someone sprayed… Did someone spray something that caused the animal to react? Did someone reach up to the animal? … When we talk to people who deal with animals, there are certain scents that might make the animal react. Say, a female tiger scent that might make a male tiger react in a certain way.”

Geez, this is like a Columbo plot!

While investigating whether there was anyone in the audience nearby during the attack who could have prompted the reaction, Game said witnesses described one mysterious woman who was described as “standing six feet tall with a tall beehive hair-do.” But the woman in question later gave photo evidence showing she had no beehive, and Game found no evidence of a woman with a beehive hair-do in the audience that night.

The podcast went on to note the theater even received an email that read:

“If there is audio and video of the tiger attack it should be analyzed for far-UV and or high ultra-sonics, as well as other triggers that might be the work of a terrorist aiming at a high profile GAY target.”

The investigation was ultimately unable to reach a conclusion on what caused the tiger to attack. But The Wild Things promises to dig as deep as they can.

What do U think about this Wild theory?

[Image via ABC News/YouTube]

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