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Survivor Alum & Rape Suspect Silas Gaither Accused Of Almost Beating A Bouncer 'To Death'!

Silas Gaither beat up bouncer rape suspect

A bouncer claims he almost didn’t survive an attack at the hands of Survivor alum, Silas Gaither.

As we reported last year, the Germantown, Tennessee native is facing multiple rape charges in Shelby County — one from a woman who alleges they met at bible study. Now, Silas has been accused of another unsavory incident where he allegedly went bats**t crazy after he was kicked out of a bar for groping women.

Dave Hansen told WREG Memphis that he was working security at a Santa Monica, California bar in 2008 when several female customers one night complained about a man groping them. He didn’t realize the alleged groper had been a contestant on the CBS reality show, nor did he realize that Gaither would react to being kicked out the way he claims he did.

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The bouncer recalled:

“I simply said, ‘Sir, you’re not going to come back inside.’ Little did I know that was going to lead to one minute of being nearly pummeled to death.”

Hansen said his friend rushed him to the hospital, where he received a very scary diagnosis. He added:

“I was diagnosed with not only the concussion, five broken ribs, a fractured occipital lobe and fractures in the skull.”


Hansen explained that no one reported the attack at the time because the bar was afraid of losing its liquor license, sharing:

“You can’t have three incidents a year and we had three incidents per night.”

But after spending months recovering from the incident, Hansen decided to file a lawsuit against Gaither, in which he referred to the incident as “assault and battery.” He remembered:

“I can feel the fractures in my skull that man caused. I had crushing medical bills — tens of thousands of dollars.”

The reality star signed a settlement agreement with Hansen in 2010 for $15,000, but Gaither made it clear that he denied responsibility and “intends merely to avoid litigation.”

Hansen admitted that he hasn’t really gotten over the incident, and still suffers greatly because of it, adding:

“It cost me a lot over the next few years. That barely touched the surface of it. I can’t see terribly well out of one eye at all, the fact I still have headaches every day.”

Hansen reached out to WREG when he saw the station’s coverage of Silas’ three rape charges, explaining that hearing their stories with Silas inspired him to share his:

“If a single woman has had an experience they feel uncomfortable speaking about, I’d like them to see there is at least one man out there victimized by the same guy in a very minor way, a fractional way… That dead look [in Silas’ eyes the second before he punched me] I suspect is similar to what one or more women have encountered in the past… If there’s one woman touched by this, which I’m dead certain there have been, if that causes her to come forward and speak her story then I’ll feel this was an accomplishment.”

Gaither’s current lawyer, Mark McDaniel, Sr., told WREG his client did not have any comment on the 2008 incident and insisted it had no relevance to the pending cases in Shelby County.

What do U think about this story, Perezcious readers? Are U surprised to hear Silas would do something like this? Share your thoughts (below).

[Image via Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]

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