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Father Shares Beautiful Untold Story Of How Sinéad O’Connor Gave His Terminally Ill Daughter ‘The Best Week Of Her Short Life’

UK Father Shares Beautiful Untold Story Of How Sinéad O’Connor Gave His Terminally Ill Daughter ‘The Best Week Of Her Short Life’ In The Early ‘90s

As the world attempts to come to terms with Sinéad O’Connor’s tragic passing, we’re also learning a bit more about this remarkable woman. The latest comes from a UK man telling a personal story about the singer that he holds very near and dear to his heart.

As we all know by now, the iconic Irish songstress/activist sadly died at just 56 years old last week. While the circumstances surrounding her death are still being investigated, fans across the globe have come together to grieve. Fellow singers Pink and Brandi Carlile even sang a beautiful rendition of Nothing Compares 2 U, the Prince song that shot Sinéad to superstardom in the early ’90s. But there’s one story that’s gone untold for decades that now makes us look back on the late artist with even more fondness.

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In a letter penned to The Telegraph over the weekend, Philip Woolcock of Preston, Lancashire revealed a truly incredible story of how Sinéad gave his terminally ill daughter “the best week of her short life” in the early ‘90s.

He began the letter sharing that he was “greatly saddened” by the news of Sinéad’s death, but noted that she was “a very different person behind her fame.”

You see, over 30 years ago, Philip’s late daughter, Louise, “a great admirer” of Sinéad, faced terminal cancer at just 20 years old. Somehow, the musician heard about her story, and made it her mission to bring some light into the poor young woman’s life. The father continued:

“In 1991, my 20-year-old daughter, Louise, was suffering from terminal cancer, when she received a phone call from Sinéad out of the blue. Sinéad had heard of Louise’s illness from some source, probably the press, as we were raising funds for our local hospice. My daughter was a great admirer of her and loved her music. During this long call, Sinéad invited my daughter to travel to London to spend some time with her. Needless to say, Louise was thrilled.”

Wow. This was at the peak of Sinéad’s fame, too! Philip went on:

“A few days later, she met Louise at Euston station and, to cut a long story short, Louise had the best week of her short life. They dined, they drank, they danced — but most of all they laughed irreverently. Sinéad was at the height of her fame at this time and found it highly amusing that, when they were out, people were asking for Louise’s autograph. Louise returned home exhausted and happier than I had seen her since her devastating cancer diagnosis.”

What an amazing story. But there’s more:

“It didn’t stop there: this loverly, compassionate woman always stayed in touch. She sent Louise wine and flowers and letters right up until; her death in 1992. On Louise’s last visit to London, Sinéad gave my daughter her platinum disc for her song Nothing Compares 2 U and dedicated her Christmas record Silent Night to her.”

Absolutely beautiful.

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Philip concluded his letter:

“During all this time, Sinéad never sought any publicity for these acts of love and compassion. Today my thoughts are with two remarkable women who, I have no doubt, will be somewhere still laughing, dancing and singing.”

What a telling tale of the late artist’s character. She did all this, and no one ever knew.

A woman by the name of Judy Woolcock shared on X (Twitter) photos of Sinéad shaving off Louise’s hair following her chemotherapy, before posing with a peace sign. See (below):

The world truly lost a great one. May she and Louise continue to enjoy “laughing, dancing, and singing,” like Philip so eloquently put.

[Images via Sinéad O’Connor/YouTube & Kika/WENN]

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